"Light the Wick!"
    —Wick Kid's official catchphrase

Wick Kid is a candle, who is a new Core Skylander in Skylanders: Dual Strikers. He is of the Fire element.

FireSymbolSkylanders Wick Kid FireSymbolSkylanders
Species: Candle
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Role: Core
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Dual Strikers
Skylanders: Evolved Army
Attacks/Actions: Fire Spit, Wax Throw
English Voice Actor: Blindsighter101
First Release: Skylanders: Dual Strikers

Appearance Edit

Wick Kid is a candle, with a short torch on his head. He wears brown overalls with black shoes, and a blue shirt underneath. His hands are alit. He is small in size.



Strength: 50

Defense: 20

Agility: 30

Luck: 200  Abilities

Wick Kid spits fire at enemies, throws a glob of wax that slows enemies down, and turns into a glob of wax with brand new fire abilities.


Fire Spit: (Primary Attack) Press Attack 1 to spit fire at enemies.

Wax Throw: (Secondary Attack) Press Attack 2 to throw a glob of wax that lights ablaze with Fire Spit. Basic Upgrades

Transform: Press Attack 3 to transform into a blob of wax, with new attacks.

It's Waxified!: Wax globs do increased damage.

Blazing Mouth: Fire Spit does increased damage.

Dryed-Out: Armor is increased. Harden the wax!


Big Mouth

Flame Filled Comet: Hold Attack 1 to shoot a comet of fire from his mouth.

Engulfed in Wicks: Press Attack 1 twice to urn into a fire spirit that produces columns of fire. MAXIMUM DAMAGE.

Now Thats a Wax!- Spit out fire tornado's. BEYOND MAXIMUM DAMAGE!!!!!!

Glue Down

Wax Whack.: Throw a glob of wax that automatically  travels to an enemies rear end. Causes confusion and does increased damage.

Glue and Wax Never Mix- Wick Kid produces glue, so when enemies get hit by Wax Throw, they stick to the ground.

The Boom- Hold Attack 2 to charge up a ball of glue and throw it at enemies. MAXIMUM DAMAGE.

Soul Gem- Walking Candle Bug- A candle bug helps you battle enemies.


Big thanks to 21qmogagin for providing idea's for the catchphrases and the first six upgrades!

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