Virus is one of the 35 new elements in's Skylander Series.

History Edit

You never know when the Virus element is coming. It can just sneak up on you. It hacks any Tech skylander. Virus are harmful to Tech skylanders, but skylanders who are of the Virus element turn the harm into harm for enemies, and make viruses physical, sending enemies running off.

Virus first starts off in a computer. They are everywhere. Although Viruses make Tech skylanders, weak, it is the advantage to skylanders who wield the Virus element.

Abilities Edit

Skylanders associated with the Virus element can turn virtual viruses into physical viruses, and use them to there advantage. They can also summon their own viruses, and attack with them. They also like the colors Pink and Light Green. They are strong against the Virtual element, but weak against the Water element.

When opening a Virus gate, the skylander calls upon some some little green germlike beings, that form together to make a bridge. In toy form, the skylander stands on a pile of broken computers.

Weaknesses Edit

The Water element tends to heal everything they touch. Water to Virus skylanders is acid, making them weak and injured.

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