Virtual is one of the main 35 elements in's Skylanders series.

History Edit

Virtual is one of the most interesting elements. In fact, it only exists in another world, beyond Skylands. And the only skylanders who are able to master that element are skylanders who cling to the Virtual world. There's no other way to get there.

Virtual is there, in the mind. It is deep in the mind of the skylander, locked away far in it's brain, just waiting to be unlocked. Very few skylanders have the ability to unlock it.

Abilities Edit

Skylanders associated with the Virtual element have the power to bring their own virtual attacks into the physical world, thus actually harming the enemies. Plus, they like green and black. They are strong against Steel skylanders, but weak against Virus skylanders.

When opening a Virtual gate, they cross a green teleporter, which guides them to the Virtual Gate. Skylanders stand on a green orb, that glows in the dark in toy form.

Weaknesses Edit

Unfortunately, Viruses are also part of the Virtual world, and tend to injure Virtual skylanders, or even distract them from battle, making them vulnerable, and easy for their opponent to strike and injure.

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