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Vine WhipEdit

Vine Whip is the life element core skylander of Skylanders: Party . He is available in a single pack and a triple pack with Lightning-Struck and Skullchain .




Press Attack 1 to snap at enemies.

Whip Attack

Press Attack 2 to hit enemies with a vine.

Visible Upgrades:

Toxic Tounge

Press Attack 3 to lick enemies.

The Vile Vine

Whip Attack does increased damage.

The Bite of the Bear

Hold down Attack 1 to mega chomp.

Toothly Terror 

Reapeatedly press Attack 1 to repeatedly shoot teeth.

Upgrade Paths:

Ivy Whip:   Spore Buds:                                   Poison Vine:                                                         Living Plant:

                Licking does increased damage.   Attacking with a whip does maximum damage.   Hold Attack 2 to whip around with two vines.

Sharp Teeth:   Young Creatures:                                                          To a Point:                                                                     More Seeds:

                      Hold Attack 3 to summon two venus flytrap minions.   Snap-Trap and Toothly Terror do maximum damage.   Summon four venus flytrap minions instead of the usual two.

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