aka Chompy-King

  • I live in Lavender Town
  • My occupation is A human being
  • I am Male

Howdy! I'm Chompy-King! However, you can simply call me just Chompy or King! I've loved Skylanders ever since the very first game, Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Since then, I have been heavily into Skylanders, and I've collected just about every character I could get my hands on, including some rare ones, like Event Exclusive Hot Streak and Riot Shield Shredder! I'm only missing a few of the chase variants, which I still attempt to hunt down.

So, anyway, what have I done on this wiki? Let's see. Ever since my humble beginnings back on the day of November 5th of 2014, I have created multiple games, like Skylanders: Dark Squad, Skylanders: Pocket Army, and more. I have a lot more planned for the future, so expect a lot from me! I have also made many friends, such as BH Creations, Blindsighter101, BCtheBoss, Poseidon133, TheShadowCraft, as well as just about everyone else on this site I have had the opportunity to talk to.

My current project is Skylanders: Malefor's Wrath. Feel free to check it out!

See you around!

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