Catchphrase: I'm 100% Awesome, Now let's fight!

Ultragamma is a hedgehog who just wants to be sure he do nice things, and he loves fighting evil along side with other good guys, His pure heart is the only key on unlocking the secret of the star pendants. He's very good with shape shifting and his main weapon is Excalibur, His powers are only part of his pendent.

If he gets angry, He'll slam you down. as he knows only the ones with gold star pendants are the king or queen of the star kingdom, and he's a rightful king.

His shape shifting powers can access any other power during the process, depends on any form he chose.


He's got gold quills, wears a red super Mario hat and a star pendant, His shoes have thunderbolts printed on them, his eyes have a ruby red color.

Later on he will get a unicorn horn on his forehead and wings of his Pegasus pony form on his back.


Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog

Alignment: Good

Quill color: Gold

Eye color: Red

Element: Magic

Age: 10

Likes: Fighting evil, investigating things and teaching others powers and skills he knows , outfoxing bad guys

He is a prince from The star kingdom that can regenerate after destruction.


Ultragamma was born from the star kingdom, blessed with the hero's magic that made him the treasure of the kingdom and known for escaping from traps and wants to see the world around him, but before he could Evil forces came and wanted Ultragamma dead, Before that happen, The guards fought off the evil and his mom and dad tell him to travel and don't look back till the one who sent evil forces to kill him is defeated for good, because without Ultragamma alive, The magic everywhere he's been will wither away, He met Spyro when he was attacked by Arkeyan duelists and charged in and he transforms into a shark/boar like creature and fight off the Arkeyans and that moment Spyro got back on his feet and introduced him to eon and he recruited him as a Skylander for not just the star kingdom and swore to expel all of the evil that wanted him dead not just from the star kingdom but also everywhere.

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