Trigger Happy is a game the Xbox One and PS4. It features Trigger Happy primarily and Gremlins from other elements including Pop Fizz from the Magic Element. The game esseintially a free roamer, having 14 bosses.


  1. Trigger Happy (Tech) Everyones favorite goldslingling gremlim.
  2. Pop Fizz (Magic) A blue gremlin that uses potions to enchance himself.
  3. Gemlin (Earth) A rock gremlin who has gems of all over his body.
  4. Sprouncy (Life) A female plant gremlin.
  5. Freeze Ray (Water) An ice gremlin.
  6. Breeze Ray (Air) A Tornado gremlin.
  7. Crazy Bones (Undead) A Skeleton gremlin.
  8. Pyro (Fire) A Pyro maniac gremlin who wears a weilders mask and suit and carries a flamethrower.


  1. Neonium- A psycotic female scientist who builds mechs to fight.


  1. Evilised Tree Rex
  2. Cerberus
  3. Kaos



  • Neonium is a planned Tech Giant for Skylanders Custom Club, although she is the bad guy in this, this game basically follows her biography of being a villain.
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