Here is an idea for TOTAL DRAMA SKYLANDERS!Edit

Hosted By Unnamed Pink Spyro Variant and Shroomboom


Team Spikyballs

Spyro, Gill Grunt, Trigger Happy, Eruptor, Wrecking Ball, Hot Dog, and Popthorn

Team Drills

Cynder, Stealth Elf, Smolderdash, Scarlet Ninjini, Scarlet Mini-Jini, Chill, and Hex


1. Two Scarlets? (Scarlet Mini-Jini goes)

2. Oh My God! (Trigger Happy goes)

3. Really? (Cynder goes)

4. A Cutie Leaves (Popthorn goes)

5. So (Smolderdash goes)

6. WTF? (Gill Grunt goes)

7. OH MY FORD! (Hex goes)

8. Spore (Wrecking Ball goes)

9. Tru (Chill goes)

10. Dig Boy Dig (Hot Dog goes)

11. Barf (Eruptor goes)

12. Silent But Deadly (Stealth Elf goes)

13. FINALS!!!!!! (Spyro loses, Scarlet Ninjini wins!)

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