WaterSymbolSkylanders Tidal Wave WaterSymbolSkylanders
Species: Merman
Gender: Male
Element: Water
World: Atlantis
Appears in: Skylanders: Aqua Squad
Attacks/Actions: Trident Lunge
Aqua Orb
Surf's Up
"I Sea What You Did There,"
    —Tidal Wave's Official Catchphrase

Tidal Wave is a new Aqua Squad Skylander from Skylanders: Aqua Squad. He is of the Water element. He is largely based off of the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon. 


Tidal Wave has blue skin and a dirty blond scraggly beard. His torso and arms are very muscular. His bottom half is a large aquamarine fin, similar to that of a merman or dolphin. He wields a golden trident in one hand.


Tidal Wave was once a well-respected guardian of Atlantis. He held the honor of having the highest rank. When the Sea Pirates attacked, he gained the mysterious powers of the Titan Orb. Realizing his city was in ruins, he vowed revenge. He sought out the Tidal Trident, which was said to protect its wielder from danger. Tidal Wave embarked on a dangerous quest, nearly getting captured on multiple accounts. At last, the trident as his.Upon hearing the news, Master Eon sent Gill Grunt to recruit him as a Skylander, the very first of the Aqua Squad.


POWER - 240/300

ARMOR - 110/300

AGILITY - 210/300

LUCK - 180/300


Trident Lunge

Press Attack 1 to lunge slowly but powerfully at your opponents with the Tidal Trident

Aqua Orb

Press Attack 2 to quickly throw a ball of water at your opponents with your tailfin


Aqua Orb attacks now do increased damage


Hold down and release Attack 2 to charge a more powerful Aqua Orb 

Surf's Up

Press Attack 3 to send a massive wave flying at your opponents


Tidal Trident now does increased damage (unlocks new skin for trident)

High Tide

Wave now does more damage, flies farther, and gets bigger

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