• The update will feature an Imagiite Portal, Body Building Crystals, new Senseis new Levels, 18 Lightcore Senseis, and 18 Returning Senseis. Got it?

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    • October 2017- >3/10 new villain senseis released >one in expansion pack, 2 in singles >expansion pack has Luminous sensei, who new "Spellslamzer's Dungeon Of Doom" mode, light wings CC >two single villains are Chef Pepper Jack and Gulper >seven more villains left for 2018

      February 2018- >Heartbreaker released in fancy heart-shaped box >3 more villains in heart boxes- Nightshade, Bomb Shell, Eye Five

      E3 2018- >sky 7 >Classic Spyro level "Ancient Dragon Fields" announced >Classic Spyro figure, with classic inspired moveset and sparx >Ripto figure also announced, with moveset >both in AP >AP in august >Spyro trilogy remaster announced, releasing 2019

      August 2018- >Classic Spyro AP released >final four villains- Cuckoo Clocker, Chomp Chest, Dreamcatcher, Cross Crow

      September/October 2018- >Sky7anders

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