Thorn is a new skylander in Skylanders Kaos Alliance.

He is a Doom Master of the life element.

"The Thorn is Born"

Thorn's Catchphrase

Biography Edit

He was a creation Kaos created to destroy the tree of life with his dark roots. He turned on Kaos and with his new powers he roamed skylands looking for a place where his Kaos element powers could be used for good. When one day he saw Kaos finding new materials for creating his army thorn used his roots to defeat them.He joined the Kaos Alliance and became a skylanders


Upgrades Edit

Thorn Whip:Press the primary button to whip your thorn's

Thorn Plant:Press the secondary button to plant your thorn's

Thornado:Hold down the Third attack button to create a thorny tornado.

Thornado Mist:Thornado explodes and leave's behind a thorny mist

Thorn Rider:Thorn Whip does increased damage

Thorn Super Spin:Thornado does increased damage

Twist Of Thorns Edit

Thorn Control:Control your Thornado

Two Times The Thorn:Have two Thornado at once

Giant Thornado:Your Thornado is mixed into one humongous Thornado

Watch Your Step Edit

Thorn Parasite:Thorn Plant grow's on enemies and does damage over time

It's Alive:Your thorn plant comes out of the ground and attack's enimies

The Thorn Titan:Thorn Plant grow's out of the ground

Soul Gem Edit

Thornderbolt:Thorn Now attackslike thunderbolt

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