The Box Biter is a box villain in Skylanders: Portal Pullers. He is of the Dark element. He was sent to Prison Warp for terrorizing Boxy Village.

Database Edit

Species: Box

Gender: Male

Element: Dark

Role: Villain

World: Skylands

Attacks: Bite

Appears in: Skylanders: Portal Pullers

Trivia Edit

  • He was originally of the Tech element, under the name of the Boom Box, with his design set as a stronger, metal box.
    • Activision says under that name and design, he was sent to Prison Warp for exploding a sheep factory.
    • The main reason for the rename and design change, was because of an upcoming skylander of the Danger element, named Boom Box.
  • He was originally going to talk and have two attacks.
    • His species originally replaced Chompies in the game.
  • He is the dumbest and weakest of all enemies in the series. Even a sheep can defeat him with no physical contact.
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