Created By: TheShadowCraft

Catchphrase Edit

"You got screwed!"

Info Edit

Species: Elf

Gender: Male

Element: Tech

Role: Skylander

World: Skylands

Appearance Edit

Techno is an Elf. He has spiky blue hair, a pencil on top of his right ear, wears a bandolier which has screws instead of ammo, wears gloves and has a plasma screw driver.

Background Edit


Techno can be a bit bossy at times but he is helpful, hardworking, brave and smart. He always volunteers to help the town folks with rebuilding their houses.


Techno used to be a architect. He helps people rebuild houses and does not complain. One day, an alchemist needed help rebuilding his lab and he accidentally dropped a potion into Techno's screw driver. Then his screw driver transformed into a plasma screw driver and was able to shoot screws which also became plasma. Then a group of cyclops came to Techno's town and stole money from the bank. Techno sprang into action and defeated the group and returned the money. He realized that his screws burnt one of the cyclops' skin, which means he had to give up his job of being an architect.

When Fright Rider heard this, he immediately went to him and asked Techno to join the Skylanders as they needed all of the help they can get. Techno agreed as his plasma screw driver could be helpful and that's how Techno joined the Skylanders!

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