``Deal with the Wheel!´´

Swivel Saw Bouncer is a reposed Giant skylander of the Tech element in Skylanders Adventures.

TECH - Swivel Saw Bouncer - GIANT


Long ago, Bouncer was an All-Star Roboto Ball player. But when the Arkeyan Empire destroyed his home town and discontinued the games, he was converted into a security-bot and stationed in the mines. It was there that Bouncer encountered dozens of Mabu prisoners who remembered him fondly from his playing days. He quickly became a bit of a celebrity around the mines, and it wasn't long before this new adulation convinced him that he could be just as much of a hero in life as he was on the field. Thus, he decided to join the Skylanders  and take a stand against the evil, Arkeyan overlords.


  1. Press the Attack 1 button to shoot rapid-fire, ricocheting bouncy balls.
  2. Press Attack 2 to launch rockets into the air that swiftly descend on enemies.
  3. Press Attack 3 to fire concentrated laser eye beams.
  4. Press Attack 4 to shoot the Bouncer´s hand remote control rocket with saws.
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