Stuffed without the turkey (Skylanders Flash Short)

Stuffed without the turkey (Skylanders Flash Short)


Stuffed without the Turkey is a flash animated short by Black Rhino Ranger. This was made for Black Friday, a day after thanksgiving. This was also the first animation where Fryno (who is currently BRR's most favorite core Skylander in Swap Force) has a big role.


Fryno had just finished making the stuffing for the turkey. He washed his hands but when he came back, the turkey and the stuffing were gone. Elsewhere, Slobber Tooth and Wrecking Ball were resting after their "last meal".


  • Fryno
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Slobber Tooth


  • Many fans say that Fryno shouldn't be washing his hands since he's a fire Skylander. According to BRR, he heard about a Dettol commercial which said that bacteria can survive in lava.
  • During the Elsewhere title card, the Transformers scene changing music can be heard.
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