Stone Cold is a Mabu policeman jokester who will be released alongside Skylanders Legends. He is a core skylander of the Magic Element.


Stone Cold had always wanted to be a skylander, ever since he met Sprocket for the first time. He already had a job as a policeman, though. When in his spare time, Stone Cold would read comics about the skylanders. As soon as he read a comic about Sprocket, he immediately fell in love with her. Stone Cold waited ever so desperately to meet Sprocket again, until one day he left his policeman post to search for her. After searching for hours, Stone Cold went back to his house, where he had a gas leak, so he called Sprocket to help come fix it. When she was done, Stone Cold asked Sprocket to show him how to be a skylander. Sprocket did, and Stone Cold waited eagerly for his first battle. It  took place just outside of his house, when Sprocket was being attacked by a bunch of trolls. Stone Cold ran back inside, grabbed a pie, a fart cussion, and a joke buzzer and ran back outside to save Sprocket. Stone Cold ran back out, but saw that Sprocket had deafeated them all. However, for at least trying to go out there, Sprocket took Stone Cold to see Master Eon, who made Stone Cold a skylander. When Stone Cold went back to the Police HQ, he was going to quit his job, except he, was already fired for leaving post and ketting 42 robberies happen.


Bye, Pie!- Press Attack 1 to throw a pie.

Shock of Terror- Press Attack 2 to be electrified and demage any enemies he touches.

Butterscotch, Please. Pie does increased damage,

The Ultimate Weapon- Press Attack 3 to lay an explosive fart cusion.

The Shock Heard Around the World- Shock of Terror does increased damage.

Joke Proof- All weapons are now stone.

Laughing Sequence Path

Monkey Mayhem- Fart Cusions make enemies laugh, slowing them down.

Batmans Nemesis- Hold attack 1 to throw a bat blade

Fartitude- Hold Attack 2 to leave multiple fart cusions all over the place.

Eye of Stone Path

Stone Cold Stone Cold- Hold Attack 2 to turn enemies into stone.

Son of Crusher- Hold the Action Button when not in a cutscene to crush enemies with a hammer.

Golden Scene- New golden look blinds enemies.

Soul Gem- Pure Policeman- Wear a badge to send enemies running. Funcions as a boomering too. 


  • Once you purchase Golden Scene, Stone Cold will be part Mabu, part Golding.
  • He is the first Mabu to be a skylander.
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