"Too Hot to Handle!"
Spitfire's official catchphrase.

Spitfire is one of AdamGregory03's OC Skylanders released alongside Skylanders: Global Defenders. She is a Global Defender of the Fire element hailing from North America.


Spitfire was a flame spirit born in the hottest volcano in the Hawaiian islands. The flame spirits were looked as higher ranks, and Spitfire was a greedy one. She would have the people of the islands serve her. She also took "hot temper" to a whole new meaning, for when she became angry, her volcano would erupt. One day however, Spitfire decided to leave her volcanic home, and the sight devastated her. The island was nearly destroyed because of her own temper. Now with a change of heart, Spitfire apologized to the locals and offered to help repair they're villages. Overtime, the flora grew back. Mistress Yuna heard of Spitfire's sudden change, and sought her out to offer her a role as a Global Defender.


  • Credits to Filipo Angelotti (MAD-Project) for the artwork.
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