Sold for Gold (Skylanders My Little pony crossover flash short)

Sold for Gold (Skylanders My Little pony crossover flash short)


Sold for Gold is a Skylanders flash animated short made by Black rhino ranger (BRR for short, BRRGames on Youtube and BRRSpore from Wikia). This is the second crossover video between Skylanders and My Little Pony (The first is Clash of the Skylanders).


Trigger Happy was choosing a meat product at a pony market. He buys the pork and gives him a bit (MLP currency). However, he was stopped by Manly Mare and asking him for one more bit. Trigger Happy got annoyed and shot Manly Mare with his gold gun.


  • The backgrounds were made by DeviantArt user, Mandydax
  • This is BRR's first animation to use pre-made flash animations (the ponies).
  • Manly Mare was BRR's original pony creation and his first one to be voiced.
  • This episode parodies an official episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Putting Your Hoof Down)
  • Although the ponies are vegetarians, Manly Mare was selling meat products.
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