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Smokescreen 2

Species: Air Drow
Gender: Male
Element: Air
Role: Core
World: Drow Forest (Sky)
Appears in: Skylanders: Aqua Squad
Attacks/Actions: Smog Shot
Smog Cloak
Smog Stream
    —Smokescreen's official catchphrase

Smokescreen is a new core Skylander from Skylanders: Aqua Squad. He is of the Air element. He is a good drow with smoke abilities.


Smokescreen is a drow with a mask over his head and mouth. He wears goggles to protect himself from his own smoke. Smog can be shot from the two blasters on his yellow gloves. The Air element symbol is worn on his head. He has gold rings around his arms. There is a single large fog shooter on his chest. Smokescreen floats around by spraying smoke clouds through the blue device on his waist.


As a security guard for DrowTech Inc., Smokescreen was always curious as to what went on inside the factory. Then one day, when a skilled team of mercenaries robbed the building and planted bombs, he took action. He picked up some high-tech equipment sitting in a case as the alarms shrieked. As the crooks were making their escape, Smokescreen shot a blast of smog from his chest. Unable to see, the robbers were captured and thrown in prison. Unfortunately, he forgot something. The bombs were ticking faster and faster. He was running out of time. One by one, he disarmed the explosives. As he reached for the last one, however, he realized it was too late. The explosion was, lucky for him and DrowTech Inc., quite small. Despite this, Smokescreen suffered a critical injury that left him unable to use his legs. DrowTech Inc. ended up letting him keep the equipment he had used to save the factory, along with a new DrowTurbo device as a replacement for his legs. Realizing that his bravery could be used for a greater good, Smokescreen consulted Master Eon and joined the Skylanders as a valued member.


POWER - 150/300

ARMOR - 150/300

AGILITY - 150/300

LUCK - 150/300


Smog Shot

Press Attack 1 to shoot a stream of continuous smog

Smoke Cloak

Press Attack 2 to wrap yourself in a thick layer of smoke

Smog Stream

Smog Shot now has a longer usage time and deals more damage

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