"Ice to Meet You!"

--Slush's catchphrase.

Slush is a slushy monster skylander who is a new Core skylander in Skylanders: Flip Force. He is of the Magic element.

Backround Edit

Personality Edit

Unlike most Skylanders, Slush is a "Go with the Flow" kind of Skylander. He never gets angry. He also made a vow to Freeze everyone in his path, because he hated anger.

Biography Edit

Nobody knows what Slush's kind is or how he/she was even made. We do know that he hails from a weird tribe of monsters who sleep upside down, eat candy, and spell like five year old. One day, Slush tried building an airplane out of candy and ice cream, and tested out the plane when he forgot to add wings. The plane sparked and fell apart. But there was more. Painyatta placed a bomb under the plane. As soon as he saw, Slush froze the land, with ice so thick the bomb couldn't destroy them. The bomb exploded, but when it did, Slush somehow absorbed the blast and he was blown away from the land. Now Slush can turn into a solid, liquid, or gas when he battles, which is why he joined the skylanders.

Gameplay Edit

Stats Edit

Health: 240 (MAX is 440)


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