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Species: Fruit Monster
Gender: Male
Element: Life
Role: Overlord
World: The Isles of Frutti Tutti
Appears in: Skylanders: Overlords
First Release: Skylanders: Overlords
"Go Bananas!"
    —Slaughtermelon’s official catchphrase

Slaughtermelon is a Life Overlord that appeared in the starter pack of Skylanders: Overlords. He is a fruit monster with a green apple head, a goofy smile with strawberry teeth, banana Boomerangs and a body made of melon.

We also don’t know what Overlords do. Stay tuned for that.



Slaughtermelon was born in The Isles of Frutti Tutti. He was raised like every young fruit monster on the Isles, by the all-knowing apricots. One day, some Slobbering Mutticuses came to eat the apricots. Every fruit monster was scared, except Slaughtermelon. Grabbing some bananas, he threw them like boomerangs at the Slobbering Mutticuses, until they were defeated. Slaughtermelon was now a well known hero across Skylands, and then joined the Overlords to smash fruit on bad guys everywhere! (Especially Slobbering Mutticuses)

Abilities Edit


Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.

Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Tropical Getaway

Banana Boomerangs Pineapple Pound

Fruit Punch

Primary Ability
Press Attack 1 to throw a banana boomerang.

Secondary Ability
Press Attack 2 to slam a close range pineapple.

Price: 4000
Hold Attack 3 to squirt juice at enemies, performing extremely high damage.

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.

Grapevine Whip Frutti Tutti Eat this! Berry Bomb

Price: 500
Press Attack 3 to swing out a grapevine, whipping enemies.

Price: 700
Banana Boomerangs do increased damage and are faster than before.

Price: 900
Hold Attack 2 to slam a lemon that makes a poisonous juice on the ground.

Price: 1200
While in the air, press any attack button to toss a raspberry that explodes.

Hunger Hustler
View Fruity Fiesta
Make your bananas better than ever!
Fastest Bananas in the West Thanks a Bunch! Top Banana

Price: 1700
Hold Attack 1 for a banana pistol rapid fire.

Price: 2200
After defeating an enemy with Banana Boomerangs, it will occasionally heal Slaughtermelon.

Price: 3000
Banana Boomerangs do MAXIMUM damage.

Fruity Fiesta
View Hunger Hustler
Further development on fruit attacks.
Easy as Cherry Pie Heard it Through the Grapevine Fruit Brute

Price: 1700
Damaging cherries burst out when using Pineapple Pound.

Price: 2200
Rapidly press Attack 3 to swing the grapevine around in a circle.

Price: 3000
All attacks do increased damage.


These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in the Skylanders games.

  • Health: 470 (max. 940)
  • Speed: 50 (max. 98)
  • Armor: 26 (max. 56)
  • Critical Hit: 38 (max. 88)
  • Elemental Power: 45 (max. 95)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylanders games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: Unlisted
  • Defense: Unlisted
  • Agility: Unlisted
  • Luck: Unlisted

Quotes Edit

  • “Go Bananas!”
  • “Fresh and Ferocious!”
  • “Be Afraid of the Bananas!”
  • “Fruitti Tutti!”
  • “This puts the “attack” into fruit! Wait… how do you spell fruit again?”
  • “Boomerangs like these don’t just grow on trees you know! Or do they?”
  • “Violence is bitter. But it’s fruit is sweet!”
  • “Nature's candy!”
  • “Go green! Eat green! Fight green!”
  • “Tropical!”
  • “Fruits and veg give me the edge!”
  • “An apple a day keeps the doctor away. With an exception for those enemies. Apples won‘t stop the fact that guy has a serious injury.”
  • “I am high in protein!” -when checking stats
  • “My stats are one in a melon!” -when checking stats
  • “Does that hat increase my fructose?” -when putting on a hat.
  • “Yummy! More fruit to add to my collection!” -when collecting fruit food
  • “Mmm... needs vitamins.”-when collecting non-fruit food
  • “Now I am even tastier!” -when leveling up
  • “Call me the grape-d crusader!” -when given a nickname
  • “Love those golden apples!” -when opening a Treasure Chest
  • “Ooh! When can I harvest this place?” -when entering a Life Elemental Gate


  • While being in the starter pack for most consoles, the Legendary variant is in the Nintendo Switch Starter Pack.
  • He does not appear in the Dark Starter Pack and is replaced with Dark Team Spirit.
  • His Soul Gem has the same name as Camo’s catchphrase.
  • His backstory implies not all fruits on The Isles of Frutti Tutti are alive as he uses bananas to beat up Slobbering Mutticuses.
  • Because of this he has a subtle damage boost when attacking Slobbering Mutticuses.
  • One of his quotes “Be Afraid of the Bananas”, is the same as the Sorcerer Doomlander's catchphrase.
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