Skylanders The Power of Friendship: Candy CookieEdit

This is the first mini story for my game Skylanders The Power of Friendship.


Dragonfire Spyro (Reposed)

Potion Lobber Pop Fizz (Reposed)

Sparkle Star (Core)

Triple Burp Eruptor (Reposed)

Scorching Canine Hot Dog (Reposed)

Scorch (Core)

Mega Anchor Gill Grunt (Reposed)

Frozen Hearted Chill (Reposed)

Frosty (Core)

Necromancer Chop Chop (Reposed)

Dark Lightning Cynder (Reposed)

Punching Ghoul (Core)

Gizmo Trigger Happy (Reposed)

Golden Wrench Sprocket (Reposed)

Shred Rotor (Core)

Black Belt Stealth Elf (Reposed)

Fruit Veggie Camo (Reposed)

Punch Flower (Core)

Championship Boxer Terrafin (Reposed)

Emerald Prism Break (Reposed)

Rocket Boulder (Core)

Sonic Rainboom Whirlwind (Reposed)

Eagle Talon Jet Vac (Reposed)

Whirly McCaw (Core)


One day the Skylanders were sitting eating candy cookies. "These candy cookies are crazy awesome!" said Scorch as he munched on his candy cookie. "I love candy cookies!" said Trigger Happy happily. "Oh so good,Can I have another one?" asked Prism Break. Spyro said "Let me load you up my earth companion we've got plenty. Then Spyro looked inside the box then he found out that was the last candy cookie. "Aaahh!,That's our last candy cookie! Just then Terrafin steals the last candy cookie from Prism Break the ran away with it. "The last candy cookie!" Then Hot Dog runs in snatches the candy cookie from Terrafin just as he was about to eat it. "Candy Cookie!" shouted Hot Dog. Then Rocket Boulder comes up from the ground and takes the candy cookie. "Candy......Cookie!" Eruptor smacks the candy cookie out of Rocket Boulder's hand then gets electrocuted by Shred Rotor. "Candy Cookie!" said Shred Rotor energetically. Then Stealth Elf,Camo,Punch Flower,Chop Chop,Cynder,Punching Ghoul,Terrafin,Prism Break and Rocket Boulder come in and chased Shred Rotor who had the candy cookie in his scythe hands Then Trigger Happy and Sprocket run in to save Shred Rotor then Gill Grunt,Chill,Frosty,Whirlwind,Jet-Vac and Whirly McCaw come in from the water and the sky to get the candy cookie then suddenly Spyro,Pop Fizz and Sparkle Star come in and All the Skylanders pounce on the candy cookie. Then Scorch walks in dizzily saying " That was great guys,so much fun." Then sits on the last candy cookie crushing it. "Candy Cookie." Scorch said. Then the Skylanders suddenly spot Glumshanks with a full box of candy cookies. "Candy Cookie!" said the Skylanders as the pounced on Glumshanks.

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