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Welcome to the official news page for the Skylanders Fan Wiki Team Project. We will begin sometime in 2015, so please, stay tuned. SCRATCH THAT, we're starting in 2020, so yea. Here's the basic concept. There is a slot that says my name, ergo / ex:

SkyNinja17's Team Project Skylanders and Idea

First things first. ONLY ONE SKYLANDER PER ELEMENT SO WE CAN HAVE A LARGE GROUP OF THESE GUYS AND NOT AN ARMY! Second, just put a list like Jeff, Fire element, from (BLAH16's Team Project)

Alright! Get started and have some fun, I guess! Here's mine to start you off. If you want, check out my games..........

IDEA 1: SkyNinja17's Team Project Skylanders and Idea


Heat Wave, Fire Element, from (SkyNinja17's Team Project)

Water Wave, Water Element, from (SkyNinja17's Team Project)

Life Raft, Life Element, from (SkyNinja17's Team Project)

Skelesnake, Undead Element, from (SkyNinja17's Team Project)

Cyclone, Air Element, from (SkyNinja17's Team Project)

Pound It, Earth Element, from (SkyNinja17's Team Project)

Magik Man, Magic Element, from (SkyNinja17's Team Project)

The Mechanic, Tech Element, from (SkyNinja17's Team Project)

IDEA: Kaos leaps into the future to destroy all Skylanders when a rag-tag group of Skylanders rise up to defeat him.

IDEA 2: Da_TrixtasSkylanders and Idea (Next Gen)

Just Mini Giants and Swap Force

Swarm -- Buzz (Air)

Hot Head -- Barbie (Fire)

Bouncer -- Hopper (Tech)

Crusher -- Smasher

Hoot Loop -- Zoop (Magic)

Stink Bomb -- Fume Boom (Life)

Wash Buckler -- Squid Kid (Life)

Free Ranger -- Bolt-hen (Air)

Magna Charge -- BeepBot (Tech)

Blast Zone -- Smokeling (Fire)

Rattle Shake -- Slither (Undead)

Rubble Rouser -- Stones (Earth)

Idea: Kaos has created the ultimate weapon, creating massive bubble around Skylands, stopping anything coming in or out, that means no portal, no rift engine, only the subconscious link between Skylander and their Mini