Skylanders Racers is all new video game about racer Skylanders

Story Edit

The racers are a group of skylanders who love to race and have special racing powers. They one day left the Auto Stop to go stop the evil villain kaos. After they defeated him he shot oil at them that sent them to earth were they were trapped. until now.

Starter Packs Edit

Console: Flame Rider, Mallet Master Stump Smash, Blackjack

3DS: Claw Carpet, Fizzle

Tablet: Blackjack, Claw Carpet

Gameplay Edit

There is a new racing feature and more

Racers Edit

Claw Carpet (Magic)

Crescent Cart (Magic)

Flame Rider (Fire)

Roast Hog (Fire)

Groundpound (Earth)

Drill Rhino (Earth)

Bat Pack (Undead)

Crawler (Undead)

Angel Glider (Air)

Jet Puff (Air)

Stump Roller (Life)

Turf Tank (Life)

Boom Speed (Tech)

Rocket Ride (Tech)

Subwhale (Water)

Boat Tug (Water)

Characters Edit

Fire Edit

  • Hotskin
  • Lava Flow
  • Fry Fly
  • Mega Meteor Hot Dog
  • Furious Flame Sunburn
  • Sizzle Pup(Hot Dog Mini)
  • Spark Shoot(Flames linger Mini)

Water Edit

  • Swordfin
  • Lantern Light
  • Whirlpool
  • Solar Sound Echo
  • Whale Pound Riptide
  • Zip (Zap Mini)
  • Screech (Echo Mini)

Tech Edit

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