Skylanders: DaGeDar Avatars: Elimination[edit | edit source]

Skylanders Power Bomb: Elimination is a tournament between all of the core skylanders from Skylanders Power Bomb. It is a vote to see who is the best core skylander. I will decide the two skylanders that you are voting on, and all you have to do is vote. A skylander needs to have one vote. We start with the Ultra Finals, which has 120 skylanders. Then, the Super Finals, which has 60. Then the Mega Finals, which has 30. The Half Finals will have 15, the Quarter Finals will have 8, the Semi Finals has 4, and the Finals will have 2. The last skylander who you guys like the most, will be the extra skylander you get in Sylanders: Legends of the Core, will be the core skylander you get in the Skylanders Power Bomb Booster Pack, and will have his own video game. The next two are......................

For the rest of this round, and future rounds, I will put four skylanders up to vote at the same time. You guys will vote for two out of 4!

Fresh-Mon vs. Cheezier vs. Panduala. Qiou[edit | edit source]

Fresh Mon

Born with the mark of the 33, Fresh Mon has spent his short life so far searching for answers and reasons as to why he was given such honor at birth. Knowing full well that only those who have reached true enlightment are marked with the 33, he fears that he will never live up to what is expected of him. Now Fresh Mon dons the ball of the dimension to race not only to prove his worth to himself, but also to the galaxies around him.

Chee Zier

Chee Zier is a swamp goblin from the Vesta Marsh Mines. His home was destroyed when fortune seekers ravaged his swamp for slime nuggets, leaving the goblin homeless and enraged. Now Chee Zier hides in the brush, seeking out those who destroyed his hom. His powerful legs and quick strike attacks make him dangerous to those who have wronged him.


Panduola is a massive force on the Sumo wrestling circuit, but he also controls the actions of the Skull Brothers gang. Conflicted by the influences of good and evil, right and wrong, and day and night, Pacduola's rage is often tempered by the balance of

I AM NOT DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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