Story Edit

After the events of trap team the skylanders thanked the mini's for there help. As the mini's walked to headquarters Golden Queen made all the skylanders dissapear she freed the Doom Raiders and a few extra's they all went to different worlds. The mini's came out and saw Star Strike note for help and the advetnure began!

Starter Pack Edit

S2 Hijinx

S2 Spry

S2 Weeruptor

New Mini's Edit

Cut-Cut: Chop Chop Mini

Cool: Chill Mini

Drill Soldier: Drill Sergeant Mini

Fizzle: Pop Fizz Mini

Pet Lou: Zoo Lou Mini

Tan: Sunburn Mini

Crystal Shatter: Prism Break Mini

Sonic Scream: Sonic Boom Mini

Worlds Edit

W1: Rage Mage

W2: Scrap Shooter

W3: Chomp Chest

W4: Hood Sickle

W5: Broccoli Guy

W6: Bad Juju

W6: Mad Lobs

W7: Brawl and Chain

Final Eight

W8: Chompy Mage

W9: Gulper

W10: Dr. Krankase


W12: Chef Pepper Jack

W13: Kaos

W14: Golden Queen

Hidden Villains Edit

W1 Edit


Grave Clobber

W3 Edit

Trolling Thunder

Bruiser Cruiser

W6 Edit


Bone Chompy

W8 Edit


Smoke Scream

W14 Edit



Masker Mind


Variants Edit

Legendary Spry

Legendary Trigger Snappy

Legendary Cut-Cut

Volcanic Weeruptor

Legendary Pet Lou

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