Welcome to the fifth volume of Skylanders How-To! Here, you will learn the basics of designing your own fan game!

Step 1: What is a Fan Game?

A fan game is essentially a video game made by fans. It can be whatever you really want it to be, as long as it keeps the same formula as the game you are basing it off of (this is assuming your fan game is part of the Skylanders franchise).

1. It can be however different you want it to be. Make sure it's not completely off the wall.

2. I generally like to think there are two types of fan games. There's the kind that tries to stay as close and realistic as possible (like I often do), and there's the kind that really stretches the imagination and tries really ridiculous things. You can do what you prefer, but I'd suggest not altering the main gameplay too much. What's important is that it is still a Skylanders game.

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