Welcome to the fourth volume of Skylanders How-To! Here, you will learn how to make a biography for your Skylander.

Step 1: What is a Biography?

Depending on your character, biographies can be difficult or easy.

1. A biography is a backstory. It provides info on the history of a Skylander. Who they are, where they came from, etc. It explains how they became a Skylander.

2. It can be just about anything you want it to be; serious, sad, funny, typical, suspenseful, surprising. A Skylander's background will reflect their personality.

3. Let's say Rush Spark is a pretty serious, tough guy. His biography needs to explain why. So, let's give him a sad, serious biography.

Example: " Rush Spark was born in the Great Savannah. He was but a tiny cheetah cub when his parents left him to find adventure. He was adopted by a Jujutsu master by the name of Master Jo, who taught him all about his talents. He explained that everyone born in the Great Savannah has a fire inside them, they just need to find a way to ignite it. Rush Spark was taught how to harness his inner power. He eventually mastered the Master, and left to find his destiny. When he arrived back to the village, it was under attack by a gang of trolls. He fought them off, and they retreated. But, he never found Master Jo. Hearing about this, Flameslinger recruited him for the Skylanders. He now fights along with them, still in search of his lost master."

Step 2: How to Make a Backstory

This part is pretty easy.

1. Pretty sweet, eh? Now you want to make one, so here's how. First off, like any story, establish a time and setting. This will help your story feel more realistic. Second, don't just include your Skylander and nobody else. Characters are key to good storytelling.

2. Now all you need is conflict. This will change the character forever, making them who they are. When Rush Spark was adopted by Master Jo, his life was turned upside down. After learning fire techniques and Jujitsu, he was a different person. When his master went missing, he felt sadness. But he also had a purpose: to save him. So, he started as a normal person. But as the story goes on, he starts to get more sad and serious.

3. See? Anyways, here are a few other things that might help. Try to include an existing character, to make your fan Skylander feel connected to the canon Skylanders. It establishes the fact that your person is not just from some fan world, they actually exist. Second, don't make your story stupid. Everything should be organized and make sense.

Step 3: Good Job!

You now have your very own biography! But, you are still not even close to done. There are plenty more volumes to explore!

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