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Welcome to the third volume of Skylanders How-To! Here, you will learn how to name your Skylander.

Step 1: What Makes a Good Name?

This is actually a really easy thing to do.

1. Okay, so we've got our Skylander's design and personality. Now what should his name be? A name should generally have to do with their element (Hot Head, Eruptor, Flameslinger). Or, it can just be a cool-sounding word that may fit their personality, and isn't completely obvious what their element is (Bouncer, Wrecking Ball, Sonic Boom).

2. A name can be three different things: a rhyme (Slam Bam), a cool word (Chill), or a pun (Hot Dog). You should choose a style that you like best. Since we have a fire cheetah who knows jujitsu, we should find a style that we like and use it. In this case, I think I just want a cool-sounding word.

3. So, what sounds cool? This part is entirely up to you. If you think a word sounds epic, then use it. What do cheetahs do? They rush. What comes from fire? Sparks. Rush Spark! If you don't like your name, keep finding synonyms for your words until it sounds good. Keep in mind that your names don't have to be two words. You could just simply call them Spark, but that doesn't sound that cool, in my opinion.

Step 2: Puns Are Your Best Friend

Puns are definitely not something you can whip up in two seconds.

1. Some of the best names can come from popular phrases, like Hot Head. So how can you make a pun? Just think of something you hear people say, use, or do a lot. A food could even work! Hot Dog is literally a HOT, dog. But in real life, a hot dog is a food. See? Tree Rex is a mix of "Tree" and "T-Rex." This works, because T-Rexes are giant, as is Tree Rex. We will talk more about puns in a later volume!

Step 3: Good Job!

You now have a name for your Skylander! However, you are still quite far from being done. There are many more volumes to explore! Good luck!