Welcome to the second volume of Skylanders How-To! Here, you will learn how to give your Skylander personality!

Step 1: How To Remove Dullness

If your character is too basic, it's not fun to look at or play as. Here's how to fix this.

1. If I showed you a cheetah who knew jujitsu, would you be tempted to use them? Probably not. I mean, a normal yellow cheetah with black spots and maybe a black belt is just not fun to look at. They're lacking personality. You need to "spice things up" a bit. How 'bout we add something unusual: a tail with a fist on it. Ok, sure, it's not that big of a change, but at least it's more exciting than a normal cheetah tail. This still isn't enough to really sell the idea.

"POW" Spots

2. Let's find something extraordinary. Something you wouldn't expect to see. How about instead of boring circle spots, his are shaped like a "POW" sound? Ok, now he's starting to get more interesting. To top it off, let's give him a big smile and two sharp teeth.

Step 2: Things To Keep In Mind

These are some things you'll want to remember while giving your Skylander unique traits.

1. You should generally have a type in mind when you're designing your Skylander. This is important, because it decides the general look and feel of your character. If you forgot to give them an element before you designed them, don't worry. You can always go back and revise your work. Our cheetah here really has nothing that tells you what element he's supposed to be. Let's fix this.

2. Let's think: where do cheetahs live? Generally in hot, dry, savannas. And what does dry and hot mean? Fire! Great! Now that we have our element, we need to give him fire characteristics. How about a FLAMING fist tail? Alright, it's a wrap!

Step 3: Good Job!

Your Skylander now has a personality! Of course, you're still not even close to done! There are plenty more volumes left to explore! Good luck!

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