Welcome to the first volume of Skylanders How-To. In this volume, I will be going over the basics of making a Skylander.

Step 1: The Thought Process

This can be one of the most difficult parts of making a Skylander. You have to think of something; a creature, inanimate object, etc. Here's how to do it:

1. Inspiration can be found anywhere! I find the easiest way to make a Skylander is to look all around me. The clouds, a brick wall, heck, even a dusty closet may suffice! Then, you can take those things and turn them into a creature. A swirly cloud creature, a brick monster, or a mound of dust that's alive! Ok, so maybe those aren't the best places to look. Let's try somewhere else.

2. An easy way to make a Skylander is to look in a book or website. Flip through your favorite animal book and find something you think could be a cool character. However, the majority of Skylanders are not animals. Search up a list of mythical monsters, as they tend to make pretty sweet Skylanders. Or, search for a list of different heroes through history. Knights, pirates, archers, explorers, sailors, and samurai! Any of these are great material for a Skylander.

Step 2: How to be Original

This can also be a pretty tough thing to do, as a lot of good ideas have already been taken.

1. People don't like to see the same thing over again. Try to be as original as possible when making your Skylander. An easy way to accomplish this is to think of the similarities your character may have with an existing Skylander. Let's say I come up with a stealthy leopard. If I do my research, I'll soon learn that Trap Shadow is just like my idea. Darn! Time to hit the 'ol chalkboard.

2. Okay, my character is too similar to Trap Shadow, but I like them too much. How can I revise my character to still be the way I want him without being that close to the existing Skylander? To start off, I can find an animal close to a leopard, but not the same. How about a cheetah? But, is a stealthy cheetah really that original? Although they lose the obvious similarity to Trap Shadow, they still have something that has been done many times. So, what can I do to find something like being stealthy, but not being too obvious? Let's try a specific martial art. Jujitsu, maybe?

Step 3: Good Job!

You have just created your very own Skylander! But, you're not nearly close to done. There are still many more volumes to explore! Good luck!

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