When Galaxy Plant was a little plant he roamed Skylands in the search for the legendary beehive, Honey Moutnain. He searched and searched ubtil one day he stumbled upon this weird energy source. The energy scource started changing colors until it turned green and then turned into the Life element symbol. The energy entered his body and transformed him into a 50 foot, fire-breathing, four arm monster. Galaxy Plant never gave up for his search. One day he found the beehive. He slept in it for three nights. On the fourth night he woke up to see that a group of trolls were destroying the beehive. He quickly stood up against these trolls and sent them cryinh home. Tree Rex soon heard of his heroic deed and recruited him as a Skylander.


-Arm Sweeper

-Fire Breath

-50 Foot Crush 

-Super Arms

-Bullet Seeds

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