Skylanders Dual Duo is The 5th game in the Skylanders franchise.

Story Edit

Back in the Age of Darkness when the Swap Force and Giants dissapeared there was a group of Skylanders called the Dual Duos. They were the protectors but they were originally all one element and weren't called the Dual Duos. But when they were fighting off the evil Fear Frighteners. They defeated them but they were sent to earth in the process they got two elements and became the Dual Duos. Now they are ready to takeout the Fear Frighteners for a second time.

Chapters Edit

Chapter 1: Dual Dope

Chapter 2: The Facts

Chapter 3: Finding The Map To Fear Float

Chapter 4: Shrinkdown

Chapter 5: Spook Night (Boss)

Chapter 6: The First Piece

Chapter 7: Surprise (Boss)

Chapter 8: When No One's Looking

Chapter 9: Kaos Returns

Chapter 10: TWINS

Chapter 11: Twins of Fear (Boss)

Chapter 12: 3 Down 3 To Go???

Chapter 13: Unlucky (Boss)

Chapter 14: Delay

Chapter 15: So What Now?

Chapter 16: Why So Sad

Chapter 17: Sad Surprise (Boss)

Chapter 18: It's Almost Over

Chapter 19: King of Fear (Boss)

Chapter 20: DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM (Final Boss)

Characters Edit

Fire Edit

Pepper Prick (Fire/Life)

Steam Dream (Fire/Water)

Candle Scandal


Teleport Master Sunburn

Mega Meteor Hot Dog

Lava Fountain Eruptor

Water Edit

Rust Rush (Water/Tech)

Illusion Liquid (Water/Magic)



Neptune's Anchor Gill Grunt

Solar Sound Echo

Mace Master Wham-Shell

Tech Edit

Screamer Steam (Tech/Undead)

Moss Madness (Tech/Life)

Camera Shy

Chrome Cloner

Tank Tower Trigger Happy

Dino Destruction Chopper

TNT Boomer

Undead Edit

Grave Digger (Undead/Earth)

Bad Breath (Undead/Air)




Ghoul Gobbler Ghost Roaster

Bat Boom Bat Spin

Fright Strike Fright Rider

Earth Edit

Contenaught (Earth/Life)

Volcorock (Earth/Fire)


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