Skylanders Beast'sEdit

The game take place after SWAP FORCE. Where the skylanders go below Skylands to discover a different world and realize they must stop Courrptrex with the help of the beast bigger than Skylanders but smaller than Giants. Also must unite with thier enemies to save the fate of both worlds.


1 million years ago before Skylands. There was Darkness and was spreading like a bug. The villian Courrptrex wanted to master all the elements to take over the world. To do this He and his butler Darkor build the core of darkness. But the Belvenot achients Aka The Beasts try to stop him but with a cost. Destorying the core of darkness and lifting the creature's to the clouds that will formed Skylands the Explosion sent the Beast and Courrptrex to earth. 1 million years later Courrptrex return and plans to destory the Skylands by rebuilding the Core of Darkness. So it up to the skylanders and the beast to stop him before he destory both worlds. Meanwhile Flynn Cali and Hugo sail on the Dreaded yaught then a strange tornando suck them in to the world below skylands. There a Mabu by the name of imp tells them what going on and so the adventure begins.

New SkylandersEdit


Rollidila-fastest guns in the west.

Brock (Beast)-Pummbel out.

Muck-No slime about it.

Earthshake (Beast)-Shake it up.

Quicksand (Giant)-That's a wrap


Flutterfly-The sound of thunder.

Shockwave (Beast)-Don't stop me now.

Sound Barriar (Beast)-Breaking the sound barriar.

Ronano-I'm going to blow you way.

Typhoon (Giant)-Making a strom


Pyromanic-Catching on fire!

Firephant (Beast)-Charging through!

Moltar (Beast)-Light em up!

Tourchwood-This girl is on fire.

Blastoroid(Giant):-Wheel in the sky keeps on turing


Icey (Beast)-Freezing your tracks!

Blizzard-Staying Frosty!

Swampopus (Beast)-Swash and wash.

Shark Fighter-I fight sharks

Seaweed (Giant)- All tangle up!


Speed Demon (Beast)-Coming through

Spourt-Chomping through.

Prickley (Beast)-A Porkupine dose what a Purcupine do.

Poppet-I've woodent think about it.

Cling Kong (Giant)-King of the swing


Robbie (Beast)-Walking through.

Doom Buggy-Going the distance.

Howler (Beast)-Werewolves of thunder.

Weesel Barrel- Turned to stone!

Skelly Rex(Giant)-No bones about it.


Tech Tech-Rocket your way through the top

Cybear (Beast)-Fear the Claw

Tick Tock-Just in time!

War machine (Beast)-Let's smash some stuff!

Tankbot(Giant)-Ready aim Fire!


Canvas-Paint the rainbow

Illousioner (Beast)-Now you see me now you don't

Monkey King-Fear mine staff!

Sidewinder (Beast)-Two head's are better than one!

Hpnoys(Giant): Prepare to be amaze


1:A land without heroes

2:Dry bones Canyon

3: Socking mines

4:Turbine plains

5: Cloud 99

6: Temple in the sky

7: Blazing trails

8: Firery heart

9: Buring core

10: Freezy village

11: Levaitan place

12: The submegeded vault

13: Tree top jungle

14: Overgrown ruins

15: The Tree guradian

16: Undead Graveyard

17: Hallow Cypt

18: Dead bone Graveyard

19: Rusty trees

20: Junkyard graveyard

21: The fallen Arkyeans

22: The path of light

23: The QuickSilver pool

24: Of might and magic

25: Lair of Courrptrex

26: The Throne of Evil

27: The Core of Darkness

3DS VersionEdit

The 3Ds Version will be differnt it will have Series 3 Gill gurnt, Tech Tech and Dark Sidewinder. The story take place after Swap Force and take's place in Dragons Peak. After Count Moneybone was defeated in the last game he crash land on a lost cypt in there he discover a secert door when he open it. Melfor the Undead dragon king appear. Together they plan to unleash all the dragons spirt and take reveange on the skylanders. So it's up to the Skylanders to find all the dragon spirts and stop Moneybone and Melofor. It will be the same like the last 3 games on the 3ds.

Starter and booster packEdit

Both the booster and starter pack will contain Series 2 flashwing Sidewinder and tech tech.

Returning skylanders and giants lightcoreEdit


Sparkle Flashwing (Series 2)

Ring Champion Terrafin (Series 4)

Stone Fist Crusher (Series 2 giant)

Rollida (Lightcore)


Triple Blast Wirlwind (series 4)

Puff Bag Pop thorn (Series 2)

Bee Stunger Swarm(Sries 2 giant)

Robnando (lightcore)


Enrage fryno (Series 3)

Big blast Eurptor (Series 4)

Hot rod Hot Head (Series 2 giant)

Fryno (Lightcore)


Fire fighter gill grunt (Series 5)

Sea master Rip Tide (Series 2)

Ship shape Thumpback (Series 2 giant)

Punk shock (Lightcore)


Silent stealth elf (Series 4)

Thronbark Stump Smash (Series 3)

Root runner Tree Rex (Series 2 Giant)

Stealth elf (Lightcore)


Static shock Cynder (Series 4)

Demoliotion derby Roller Brawl (Series 2)

Eye thrower Eye Brawl (Series 2 giant)

Cynder (Lightcore)


Rapid fire Trigger happy (Series 4)

Bommer-rang Bommer (Series 2)

Apllo rocket Bouncer (Series 2 giant)

Tick tock (Lightcore)


Surpreme Spyro (Series 4)

Big blast pop fizz (Series 4)

Magic master nijini (series 2 Giant)


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