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Darklight Crypt

Skylanders Adventure has about 4 new adventure packs

[since not all details have been comfirmed abotu swap force information may change over time]

List of Adventure PacksEdit

  1. Pirates Seas (Terrafin)
  2. Empire of Ice (Slam Bam)
  3. Darklight Crypt (Ghost Roaster)
  4. Dragon's Peak (Sunburn)
  5. Tower of Time (Pop Thorn)
  6. Sheep Wreck Island (Wind-Up)
  7. Nightmare Express (Blades)
  8. Mirror of Mystery (Deja Vu)
  9. Midnight Museum (Nightshade)
  10. Sunscraper Spire (Luminous)
  11. Gryphon Park Observetory (Air Strike)
  12. Enchanted Elven Forest (Boom Bloom)
  13. Cursed Tiki Temple (Wild Storm)
  14. Lost Imaginite Mines (RO-BOW)
  15. Vast Hive (Swarm)
  16. Metro City (Wire-Link)
  17. Ripto's Revenge (Spyro)
  18. Lava Caverns (Eruptor)
  19. the land of candies ( frank the squirrel
  20. melón mansión ( robo tatu )
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