Skylanders: Wizards is the tenth game in the Skylanders franchise. The game introduces Wizard skylanders, skylanders that have control over all of their element. They can even summon other skylanders that are of their element! There will be 56 Wizard skylanders, 56 core skylanders, 7 lightcore skylanders, 77 reposed skylanders, 56 Power Skylanders, and 77 Glitch skylanders.


There will now be seven elements in Skylanders: Wizards. Two elements are the same as the previous elements, and will return, two elements are brand new, two elements are other forms of previous elements, and one has been renamed, but the same. The elements are Storm, Life, Myth, Fire, Ice, Death, and Balance.

Wizard Skylanders

Fifty-six skylanders were invading Kaos's Caslte, when Kaos created a Dark Avatar that vows to master all seven elements. The skylanders tryed to attack, but the Dark Avatar was too powerful. He sent out an army of explosive Spell Punks, and they exploded, fusing the skylanders with magic and other powers, including conjuring other skylanders. These skylanders became known as the Wizard skylanders, born to protect skylanders from the darkest of times!

Power Skylanders

Fifty-six other skylanders were hunting a magic orb that gives them new powers, and they finally found it. When one skylander was trying to pick it up, he broke it, and the orb's magic fused 40 of the skylanders with the power to transform into another form. Ten skylanders could transform into two forms, and six skylanders escaped the blast, but they have special powers. These are Power skylanders.

Glitch Skylanders

Seventy- seven skylanders were in a war against drows and trolls, when the Moon of Glitch began to form, and while it destroyed all of the enemies, it fused the skylanders with special glitch abilities, such as Teleportation, Separation, and Disintegration. These are Glitch skylanders, with powers to glitch out enemies.

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