Skylanders: Winter Legion is a game for the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS. It features the Winter Guardians who all have ice powers and double gold, even for the second player. If both players are Winter Guardians then quadruple gold is received. Winter Guardians can be upgraded very quickly and get to the maximum level reasonably fast. There are 8 Winter Legion types instead of ten and what that meaning is what kind of minions they summon. Types include- Troll Summoner, Drow Summoner, Cyclops Summoner, Seadog Summoner, Undead Summoner, Arkeyan Summoner, Chompy Summoner and Boss Summoners. Unlike any other previous installment, there are 8 Skylanders per type.


The gameplay is the normal free roam like it previous installments (Redlanders and later.) Of course the Winter Guardians have ice powers to freeze enemies with ice coloured to their element. The adds a new double jump and third person mode and a fusion mode+titan skylanders

Magic Spyro Enchanter Hypno Fog Eternal (Drow Summoner) Apparatus (Arkeyan Summoner)
Earth Gemlin crystalline bismuth Peak Pilot (Cyclops Summoner) seismic
Water Gill Grunt Titanic surfer Arctic (Troll Summoner) Hoarfrost (Undead Summoner)
Fire Smolderdash Intensifier Exploder Rupture (Troll Summoner) light up
Tech Trigger Happy Blaster Desk Top Wreck Mech (Boss Summoner) gear cog
Undead Ghost Roaster Skullzer zom-bee Ghostly Toast (Cyclops Summoner) spirit lifter
Air Dandi-lion Sound hound Booster Skimgull (Seadog Summoner) twister
Life Cactie over grown Juice Boost (Chompy Summoner)
Light beam Burnish Sunshine Cloudless (Chompy Summoner) coler mixer
Dark dark mist devil😈 dark hawk Frozen Fear (Arkeyan Summoner) Overcast (Boss Summoner)
Surge Hit Strike striker voltage Thrill Drill (Arkeyan Summoner) shocker
Winter Shiver ice breaker DNA Pure Strike (Boss Summoner) Purifier DNA


  • This is the first game to count Surge as a full Element
    • It is also the first to have an Element that will only appear in this game.
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