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3x the adventure! triple the fun!

This is my with help from friends and others. This is the game featuring Skylanders that hold three elements!


Colsole StoryEdit

Kaos aims to travel to Elemental Mountain and destroy the Elemental Core to erase the Skylanders from existence! The Triple Fighters went to stop Kaos in his first attempt to destroy the elemental core! As usual, the Skylanders won! Kaos, in his attempt to destroy the Elemental Core, corrupted it! Just as the Triple Fighters sent Kaos packing, the corrupted Elemental Core sent the Triple Fighters to Earth… sometime after the corrupted core exploded into millions of elemental shards and flew across skylands, even some went across to earth containing legendary heroes!

3ds StoryEdit


  • 3-player co-op
  • All new game mode, which allows you to play all new games! Skylands style!
  • And much more!


Level 1: Master Portal Island in Peril!

Level 2: Bongo Beach

Level 3: Chompy Chaos  

Level 4: Chompy Familly Reunion Festival

Level 5: Winter Plunderland

Level 6: There's Snow Place Like Skylands

Level 7: Climbing The Core of Light

Level 8: The Land Above Skylands

Level 9: Slinger Saloon

Level 10: Hoedown Showdown

Level 11: Tumbled Forest

Level 12: Spikes of Doom

Level 13: Topsy-Turvy Island

Level 14: Dark Lands

Level 15: Peaceful Village



Triple FightersEdit






Magic/???/??? Edit

Air/???/??? Edit

Water/???/??? Edit

  • Deep End (Water/Undead/Fire)
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???



Core Shards CharactersEdit

Core SkylandersEdit

Undead SkylandersEdit

Magic SkylandersEdit

Tech SkylandersEdit

Water SkylandersEdit

Fire SkylandersEdit

Life SkylandersEdit

  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Earth SkylandersEdit

  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Air SkylandersEdit

  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???
  •  ???

Light SkylandersEdit

  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Dark SkylandersEdit

  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Reposed SkylandersEdit

LightCore SkylandersEdit

  • LightCore Cry-Staff
  • LightCore Juggler Smuggler
  • LightCore Cog Dog
  • LightCore Boomer
  • LightCore Bite Fight




Starter Pack: Redstone, Bite Fight, Robot Arms Trigger Happy

Triple Heroe Pack 1: Beatbox, Asid-Attack, Deep End

Adventure Pack 1: Coral Splash, Monkey-Mayhem Island, Fruit of life, Volcano Splash


Skylanders triple fighters starter pack

Skylanders: Triple Fighters Starter Pack

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