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The Skylanders have long been at rest ever since Kaos was defeated back, four years ago. Kaos has neglected his duty of evil, so Glumshanks follows a creepy voice to a cave on the edge of Skylands to find a Time Machine to go back to turn Kaos evil again, when everything was normal.

The Skylanders rush to stop him but are thrown into a time stream into the future. They figure out that Glumshanks has changed the timeline and get to him to stop the Evil Voice and return to their time. Join 24+ brand new figures with new characters and returning heroes! Join the Skylanders in a race to the Dawn of Time!

Skylanders: Dawn of Time.

Level Description and Content! Edit

After the Time Warp occurred Skylanders were scattered across the new time. The Portal Master (PLAYER) has found a few Skylanders that will help find Glumshanks and stop him.

NOTE: The Portal Master is not a playable character.

NOTE: A new play feature where you can put up to three players of Skylanders (New Playable Feature for P0W3R Stations only and only if you have the elements required) on the portal called a roster, where you can switch at any time!

NOTE: Not all skylanders are their original element, as some evolutions changed their skylander's nature, powers, and look.

NOTE: If the Skylander has been in SuperChargers, the new variant is COUNTED for that game. If not in SuperChargers, ignore this.

NOTE: This is as of Wave 2 of Skylanders: Dawn of Time. The third has yet to be written. COMING SOON.

NOTE: Man there are a lot of notes.

LEVEL 1: The Skylands Forest Edit

The Skylanders were stuck across Skylands. Animation plays of Eruptor and Wrecking Ball figuring out that they have changed. Then a new skylander comes from the current Skylanders Academy. After fighting local bad tribes, they find out Glumshanks has attempted to make Kaos evil again. Then a shadow looms over the Skylanders.

LEVEL 1 Content Edit

SkyPortals: 1 Fire SkyPortal[1] Edit

P0W3R Station: Fire, Magic, Tech[2] Edit

LEVEL 2: The Portal Master's Meadow Edit

The Skylanders figure out that the silhouette is only the Portal Master. (Not seen, due to the game most likely not wanting THAT much customization) They go through a string of Islands battling Sheep Mutated from the Academy from their time. After, defeating She-Eep. They make it to the Portal Master's Hut.

LEVEL 2 Content Edit

SkyPortals: 1 Magic SkyPortal Edit

P0W3R Station: Magic, Air, Earth Edit

LEVEL 3: Swagger Swamp Edit

The Portal Master tells the skylanders his/her plan. (You chose the gender at the beginning and is always a silhouette.) He/She tells them that Glumshlanks plans to rip apart the universe to find the lost time gem where he will go back in time to find Kaos, as Glumshanks needed it to go that far back to before Kaos turned good, but didn't have fuel. The Time Stone will take them whenever they need to go there and back once.

Then, the Skylanders were ambushed by She-Eep turned into a cyborg, re-named She-Creep. She is rumored to have the information of where the Mineland (Mining Island) is.

LEVEL 3 Content Edit

SkyPortals: 1 Tech SkyPortal Edit

P0W3R Station: Tech, Life, Water Edit

LEVEL 4: The Gem of Skylands Edit

The Skylanders rush to the edge of the Mineland to find Glumshanks has destroyed the main entrance. The Skylanders must find a way around the shaft up the mountain to get into the only other entrance that Glumshanks is unaware of.

LEVEL 4 the life shrine Edit

SkyPortals: 1 Life SkyPortal Edit

P0W3r Station: Life, Earth, Air Edit

LEVEL 5: Mineland of Fortune and Mystery Edit

The Skylanders find Glumshanks with the Time Gem. They have to battle an army of miner goons and make their way to the center where the gem is being sucked of its powers. They face many battles along the way with villains like GeoDoug, a driller with super strength.

Level 5:Content Edit

SkyPortals: 1 Earth SkyPortal Edit

P0W3R Station: Earth, Life, Dark Edit

LEVEL 6: Bog Standard Edit

Glumshanks teleports the Skylanders to a remote swamp that has mud monsters, tree traitors and is all ruled by the evil Dreamcatcher herself. She gets in the minds of the Skylanders and it's a tough battle. She mind controls bog-frogs and other creepy creatures.

LEVEL 6 Content Edit

SkyPortals: 1 Air SkyPortal Edit

P0W3R Station: Air, Water, Life Edit

LEVEL 7: Feeling Salty? Edit

The Skylanders defeat Dreamcatcher who tells them the only way to get to Glumshanks's Evil Fortress of Doom, they must cross a forbidden ocean. Turns out, Gulper owns the sea and the skylanders are dragged underwater to fight him in his arena of watery depths.

LEVEL 7 Content Edit

SkyPortals: 1 Water SkyPortal Edit

P0W3R Station: Water, Light, Dark Edit

LEVEL 8: Glumshanks' Castle of Evil Part 1 Edit

The Skylanders take down Gulper to find an entrance to the castle underwater. Fighting Dark and Fire villains in the sewers of the castle. They take 'em down and reach Glumshanks' final battle arena.

LEVEL 8 Content Edit

SkyPortals: 1 Dark SkyPortal Edit

P0W3R Station: Dark, Fire, Magic Edit

LEVEL 9: Glumshanks' Castle of Evil Part 2 Edit

The Skylanders are battling Glumshanks who is supercharged with time powers. The Skylanders finally use the stone to teleport him back in time. They destroy his time machine and send themselves back in time.

LEVEL 9 Content Edit

SkyPortals: 1 Undead SkyPortal Edit

P0W3R Station: Undead, Fire, Magic Edit

LEVEL 10: Welcome Back to Skylands! Edit

The Skylands hand off Glumshanks but you must pass tests and puzzles to reach the prison. At the end a mysterious villain is foreshadowed.

LEVEL 10 Content Edit

SkyPortals: 1 Light SkyPortal Edit

P0W3R Station: Light, Magic, Dark Edit

Skylanders Edit

Fire Skylanders Edit

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All info! Edit

  1. A SkyPortal is seen every Level as there are 16. It transports one Skylander of the element and in that level to an island with a mini level.
  2. A P0W3R Station is a one to three player game to go through a maze and battle a boss, of three elements on your new Skylanders Roster.

Wave 1 (Starter Wave) (With Starter Pack) October 16, 2019 Edit

  • Starter Pack for Skylanders: Dawn of Time
  • Demon Spyro
  • Lightheaded Pop Fizz
  • Super Strike Chop Chop
  • Heavy Duty Gill Grunt
  • Hammer Time Hot Head
  • Fall Camo
  • Lizard Wind

Wave 2 (Giant Skylander Wave) January 1st, 2020 Edit

  • Fire Paw Hot Dog
  • Masher Megamind
  • Toxic Tornado Warnado
  • Electric Bash
  • Takedown Birch Bark Tree Rex
  • Deadshot Trigger Happy
  • Killer Whale Thumpback
  • Fiesty Fiesta
  • Wate-Robust Blast Zone
  • Shadow Shaker

Wave 3 (Final Wave) May 20th, 2020 Edit

  • Easter Egg Jet Vac
  • Turbo Jet Drobot
  • Wing Wyvern Hex
  • Terror Terra-Fin
  • Devastating Double Trouble
  • Demented Drill Sergeant
  • Sneak Strike Stealth Elf

What's Next? Edit

A brand new Skylanders game is coming out October 16, 2020! The new game will be featured across a wider assortment of game consoles. Ps5, Xbox 2, and more! All new on the second game in the SkyNinja17 collection,Skylanders: TeleMasters! Edit

UPDATE #1, October 16, 2019 Edit

The Third Wave has been partially leaked! Check out the FULL first wave! So cool. So far, there is 25+ skylanders, most returning cores, but there are 3 brand new skylanders. Just wait, Skylanders TeleMasters (the idea), is launched! When the new wave comes even more will come to The Dawn of Time, but for now, check out exactly what this brand new Skylander game Skylanders: The Dawn of Time.

UPDATE #2, January 1, 2020 Edit

The second wave has just launched and the Skylanders TeleMasters characters are FULLY leaked! As well as the new idea, Skylanders: Reboot! The second wave has many new skylanders.

UPDATE #3, May 20, 2020 Edit

Wave 3 finishes off the line of Skylanders and has released a total of 25+ skylanders and the next game in the series, is posted above the first update. Thanks for reading

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