This is a game about the Skylanders after they defeated Kaos in Skylanders Swap Force. Now he is back with a plan to stop the skylanders once and for all! He will gather the 8 crystals and then combine them with his new weapon: the combine ray. It has the power to combine anything and he used power of the volcano that made the Skylanders combine and swap. He also uses the ray to combine his minions. ex.(chompy+cyclops=chomp-clops) The game will also be split up into 9 Chapters: Each with 10 Levels, except the last, which has 3 levels.

Chapter 1: The Cloud Crystal of AirEdit

Level 1: Similar to Perilous Pastures. Mostly just an intro level with chompies and drows

Level 2: Another plains level that introduces chompy pods

Level 3: A sky-platform type level with alot of drows

Level 4: A level in Flynn's airship where you shoot down drow airships. Mini-Boss: Giant Drow Airship

Level 5: A village that is under attack by drows. Introduces the first combination- chompy + drow=chomp-drow Mini-Boss: Air Spell Punk

Chapter 2: The Stone Crystal of EarthEdit

Chapter 3: The Nature Crystal of LifeEdit

Chapter 4: The Gear Crystal of TechEdit

Chapter 5: The Bone Crystal of UndeadEdit

Chapter 6: The Ocean Crystal of WaterEdit

Chapter 7: The Burning Crystal of FireEdit

Chapter 8: The Arcane Crystal of MagicEdit

Chapter 9: KAOS!!!Edit

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