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Note: RayClaus has canceled this project to work on Skylanders: Elements of Prophecy instead.

Skylanders: Spyro's Kingdom is an unfinished and canceled Skylanders fan fiction made by RayClaus, then known as Evilrainbow. It takes place six years from now. It also contains a few crossover characters.


It has been six years since King Spyro the Dragon had been crowned ruler of the Panther Kingdom, he is living a happy life, however, an old rival of Spyro, Sparky the Dog, tries to take over the Magic Realms by stealing Spyro's crown, the Magic Elemental Crystal, and creating utter chaos. Later, after Sparky lied to Spyro about being good, Sparky brainwashes Spyro's friends with one of his potions and takes over the Magic Realms once again.


The story was first inspired by one of the Sonic Archie comics which apparently takes place thirty years into the future. Spyro being ruler of the Panther Kingdom is also a reference to Sonic being king of Mobius. The story's name, "Skylanders: Spyro's Kingdom" is a reference to the canceled game "Spyro's Kingdom", which was the prototype version of Skylanders.

The StoryEdit

RayClaus: Honestly, this story is absoutely HORRIBLE. This story is one of the worst things I have ever created. I found it in a text file on my computer, and I'm posting it for all to see. Just a note, the little part at the end with all the kissing wasn't in the original, it was edited in as a joke, so, yeah.


  • Spyro, Whirlwind, Flashwing, and Sunburn are so far the only canon Skylanders in the story, the rest are crossovers and OCs.
    • However, it has been confirmed that more canon Skylanders will appear later in the story.
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