Skylanders: Sound Blasters
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Developer(s) Vicarius Visions
Publisher(s) Activision
Release Date(s) 2018
Genre(s) 3D Platformer/3D Sidescroller
Mode(s) 3D Mode

2D Mode

Rating(s) G
Platform(s) Xbox One

Play Station 4 Wii U New 3DS PS Vita

Series Skylanders Series
Predecessor Skylanders: Redlanders
Successor Skylanders: Custom Club

Skylanders Sound Blasters is a game yet to be released in 2018. The game features a 3D and 2D mode. For this game, the special Skylanders are the Sound Blasters, whose figures have working speakers and prefered genres of music, the secondary special Skylanders are the Evocores, fan favorite Skylanders temporarliy Evoled into giants!



  • Spyro
  • Star Strike
  • Meteorbite
  • TBA


  • Terrafin
  • Scorp
  • TBA
  • TBA


  • Gill Grunt
  • Samuray
  • TBA
  • TBA


  • Eruptor
  • Fryno
  • TBA
  • TBA


  • Trigger Happy
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Long Shot
  • Bathroom Break


  • Chop Chop
  • Fright Rider
  • TBA
  • TBA


  • Whirlwind
  • Blades
  • TBA
  • TBA


  • Stealth Elf
  • Food Fight
  • TBA
  • TBA


  • Spotlight
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA


  • Blackout
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA

Special Skylanders

Sound Blasters Sound Blasters Evocores Speedlanders
Magic Rhythm Thief (Jazz) Chill Out (House) Spyron Chemicool
Earth Hill Jump(Country) Transfer (Trance) Terrasmash Emerald Crush
Water Runner (Hip-Hop) Smooth Sail (Reggae) Anchor Rig Oil Squid
Fire Tripknot (Rock) Hot Beatz (Electro) Volcanor Cash Bomb
Tech Base Drop (Electro) Surround Sound (Hip-Hop) Happy Mech Metrotron
Undead Orkestra (Opera) Heavy Metal (Rock) Chop Hack Mystic Grave
Air Swift Step(House) Woodwind (Opera) Tempest Hill Shot
Life Bongo Blast (Reggae) Banjo Boom (Country) Wealth Elf Algreen
Light Neo Tron(Trance) Spectrum Master (Nu Disco) N/A
Dark Funk Master (Nu Disco) Dark Swing (Jazz) N/A
Surge Blast Pad (Dubstep) N/A N/A N/A

Sound Blasters

There are 10 new sound blaster types which are all their prefered music genre- Electro, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Jazz, Opera, House, Country, Rock, Trance and Ambient and a limited Edition Dubstep type.

There are all new Sound Blaster zones in this game which follows the player being on a speedway type are avoiding objects in sync with the music. Played in the background is a non-lyrical song which is acompanies to that certain genre of the Sound Blaster. There are a few lyrical songs which are fan favorites in the Skylanders series; Drill X's Song (Ambient) and Mesmerelda's Song (Opera).

There is also 2D sections any Sound Blaster Skylander can access. Being fast paced, the player can crack down these zones in under two minutes.


There is not much to explain about Evocores ecept the fact they are fan favorite Skylanders temporarily evolved into Giants. While Spyron (Spyro), Terrasmash (Terrafin), Volcanor (Eruptor), Chop Hack (Chop Chop), and Tempest (Whirlwind) have actually grown into Giants, Skylanders Anchor Rig (Gill Grunt), Happy Mech (Trigger Happy) and Wealth Elf (Stealth Elf) are into robotic mechs because being transformed would not suit them like the others.


Starter Pack

  • Console: Base Drop (Tech, Electro), Meteorbite (Magic) and Whirlwind.
  • 3DS: Swift Step (Air, House), Bathroom Break (Tech), Triggr Happy (Tech)

Wave 1

Sound Blasters

  • Swift Step (Air, House)
  • Runner (Water, Hip-Hop)
  • Orkestra (Undead, Opera)

Wave 2

Sound Blasters

  • Rhythm Thief (Magic, Jazz)
  • Hill Jump (Earth, Country)
  • Tripknot (Fire, Rock)
  • Bongo Blast (Life, Reggae)

Wave 3

Sound Blasters

  • Neo Tron (Light, Trance)
  • Gradient (Dark, Ambient)
  • Hot Beatz (Fire, Electro)
  • Banjo Boom (Life, Country)

Wave 4

Sound Blasters

  • Chill Out (Magic, House)
  • Transfer (Earth, Trance)
  • Smooth Sail (Water, Reggae)
  • Surround Sound (Tech, Hip-Hop)

Wave 5

Sound Blasters

  • Heavy Metal (Undead, Rock)
  • Woodwind (Air, Opera)
  • Spectrum Master (Light, Ambient)
  • Dark Swing (Dark, Jazz)
  • Blast Pad (Surge, Dubstep)

Adventure Packs

  1. N Sanity Island- Crash Bandicoot, Magic Items- Aku Aku and Golden Wumpa.


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