Skylanders: Skyland Racing is a kart racing game on X-Box, PS3, Wii, Wii U, and 3DS. This is the first instalment of the Skylanders Racing series. The starter pack comes with 4 mini portals and eight Skylanders.


Kaos had come back to rule Skylands....again. But this time he challenges the Skylanders to kart race all around Skylands. If the Skylanders win, Kaos "promises" to never try to rule Skylands, but if he wins he gets to take over. Somehow Master Eon agrees and asks the "young portal master" to send out the Skylanders.

The Truth Revealed

Once you beat the Giant Cup, Kaos admits that he put a spell on Eon to make him agree with the deal, but never expected that the Skylanders to be better than his team in kart racing. So he breaks his promise and sets a giant machine to destroy the ruins. So the Skylanders must race one final cup to defeat the machine.


Light Cup:

             *Skyland Ruins
             *Wilikin Fete
             *Flynn Circuit
             *Molekin Motorway
             *Eon's Citadel

Air Cup:

             *Cloud City
             *Warnado's Wind Temple
             *Whirlwind Plains
             *Jet-Vac Airways
             *Sonicboom Speedway

Water Cup:

             *Gill Grunt Falls
             *Zap Resort
             *Chill's Ice Rink
             *Wham-Shell Kingdom
             *Mt Slam Bam

Earth Cup:

             *Bash Canyon
             *Dino-Rang Caverns
             *Prism Break Mines
             *Flashwing's Crystal Palace
             *Terrafin's Underground World

Life Cup:

             *Stealth Elf Forest 
             *Zook's Bamboo Lair
             *Camo Jungle
             *Shroomboom Gardens
             *Stump Smash Treetops

Tech Cup:

             *Drobot's Factory
             *Sprocket's Workshop
             *Happy Casino
             *Arkeyian Vault
             *Troll Battlefield

Undead Cup:

             *Chop Chop Colloseum
             *Cynder Circuit
             *Hex's Manor
             *Ghost Roaster Graves
             *Fright Rider Racetrack

Fire Cup:

             *Castle Ignitous
             *Flameslinger Arena
             *Eruptor's Volcano
             *Sunburn Skies
             *Hot Dog's Lava Mountain

Magic Cup:

             *Pop Fizz's Lab
             *Voodood Ruins
             *Wrecking Ball's Roller Rink
             *Double Trouble Rainforest
             *Spyro's Sky Tunnel

Giant Cup:

             *Thumpback Shipyard
             *Tree-Rex Cliffs
             *Eye Brawl Citadel
             *Hot Head Mountain
             *Bouncer's Sports Field

Kaos Cups:

             *Kastle Kaos 1
             *Kastle Kaos 2
             *Kaos Pinball
             *Kaos Katacombs
             *The Final Racetrack
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