How to Make a House is the very first shortcut in Skylanders: Minecraft. In this video, High Voltage tries to make a training video on how to make a Brick House using the Brick House TNT, but he keeps mixing up the TNT, and ends up exploding Skate Punk.

What to Know Edit



High Voltage

Skate Punk

Roller Brawl


Stage Crew

Setting: Terraia

Time: Twenty two minutes after noon.

Lights, Camera, ACTION!!!!! Edit

At Rise: High Voltage walks to the Western Gate of Terraia, and the camera man focuses the camera on him.

"Good Afternoon, Skylands! Now, for those of you people who have no home, just watch this video on How to Make a House!"

High Voltage, not aware of this, takes out a Fire TNT. He signals to Skate Punk and Roller Brawl, telling them to come out.

"Now first, you take this Brick House TNT, and light it with a torch." said High Voltage.

Roller Brawl runs away.

"But, uh, isn't that a--" began Skate Punk, but High Voltage cuts him off.

"Now who is the house making genius here?" High Voltage says with a smirk.

"Now.........." High Voltage notices Skate Punk trying to run away, but yanks him back. He lights the torch."

"We light this torch and........... AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the Fire TNT explodes, setting Skate Punk, High Voltage, the Microphone Mabu, and the gate on fire.

"Ack! No problem. I'll just put it out with some WATER!!!!!!!" said High Voltage, taking out a Gravity TNT, lights it, and he, Roller Brawl, Skate Punk, and the Stage Crew and equipment were all pulled towards the TNT, and they all flew into the air when it exploded. When they fell, the Stage Crew were critically injured, Roller Brawl and Skate Punk were hurt, and all the equipment shattered.

High Voltage stands up.

"Don't worry guys, I'll help!" he said.

He absent-mindedly set an Enderbomb TNT and torched it. Everyone blew away to seperate islands.

High Voltage and the camera were blown to one small floating island.

"That's it. Hoped this helped!"he said, dizzily, and he fainted.

The End.

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