Skylanders: Ripto's Racing!
Developer(s) Vicarious Visions
Publisher(s) Activision
Release Date(s) December 18th, 2016 - United States - December 20th, 2016 - Europe - December 23rd, 2016 - Australia
Genre(s) Racing/Combat
Mode(s) Story Mode - Online Racing - Time Trail - Free Race - Grand Prix - "Villains Only" - Mission Mode
Rating(s) E+10
Platform(s) Wii - 3DS - Xbox One - Xbox 360 - PS3 - PS4 - Wii U - iOS
Series Skylanders
Predecessor Skylanders: Superchargers Racing
"Start your engines - again!"
    —Skylanders: Ripto's Racing's Tagline

Skylanders: Ripto's Racing! is a spin-off Skylanders title in the series and a direct sequel to Skylanders: Superchargers Racing. However, unlike it's predecessor, which was only on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS platforms, this game is available for all major consoles. It is to be released December 18th, 2016 in the United States, followed by December 20th in Europe, and December 23rd in Australia. It is going to accompany the sixth Skylanders game, planned for release a couple months beforehand, in September/October time, as usual. Being a spin-off title, this game features no new figures except Deep Thought Blastermind, The Pandergast Trophy, The Master Eon Trophy, and Quicksilver Hot Streak, who of which are all available in the game's Starter Pack.

Plot Edit

After the huge success of his first Racelandia Tournament, Pandergast decided to create and challenge the racers of Skylands to another tournament that was even newer, bigger, badder tournament even tougher than the last! A whole new challenge was there, awaiting the skilled racers brave enough to participate, all for the First Place Grand Prize of a free, luxury vacation getaway to the Shimmering Seas Resort, aswell as a huge cash prize! Every Skylander was signing up, piloting their amazing Supercharger Vehicles, all desperate to get their hands on this incredible reward. However, just before the first race could start, calamity struck! The infamous tyrant, King Ripto, and his minions came and sabotaged the tournament, taking Pandergast as a hostage and seizing full control over the event! It's a pedal-to-the-medal, need-for-speed, winner-takes-all, EXTRA Supercharged challenge that will blow your face right off! The only question is: are you ready to race, Portal Master?!

Race Tracks Edit

This game features a large variety of different Race Tracks, with 3 tracks per Racing Cup. There is one Racing Cup per element, aswell as some other special cups unlocked by going through different parts of the game, completing tasks or missions, or by simply placing certain Skylander toys on the Portal Of Power. For each cup, there is one Race Track for each of the 3 vehicle terrains: Land, Sea and Sky. At the end of each cup, the player will encounter a Boss Pursuit, in which they have to fight a certain villain while racing through a track. Once defeated, this villain can be captured in a trophy, allowing them to be a playable racer. Villains from Boss Pursuits in Skylanders: SuperChargers will be unlockable through the Trophy toys, so they will not have their own Boss Pursuits in this game.

Light Cup - Starting Cup: Edit

Dark Cup - Starting Cup: Edit

Fire Cup - Unlockable Cup: Edit

Unlock this cup by completing the Light Cup Grand Prix!

Water Cup - Unlockable Cup: Edit

Unlock this cup by completing the Dark Cup Grand Prix!

Life Cup - Unlockable Cup: Edit

Unlock this cup by completing Fire Cup Grand Prix!

Trivia Edit

  • For some reason, Sunscraper Spire was not a Race Track in the Light Cup, and was replaced by New Luminous City instead. The reason for this is unknown.
  • All three Race Tracks in the Dark Cup are based off of chapters from Skylanders: Trap Team.
  • In the Lava Lakes track, the racers and their vehicles are surrounded Giant Bubble Shields, which protects them from being burned when they dive under the lava.
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