Skylanders Riders is the 5th installment in the skylanders series

Story Edit

When a group of 38 skylanders 16 bipedal and 16 quadrupedal. They fought off a group of evil sorcerers. they couldn't beat them so they all jumped on one anothers back. When they defeated them they were sent away but one of them shot a magic ball at the ground. Mist came out of it and whisked them all away they were still on each others back. They weren't seen for 50 years until now. They have joined forces and are ready to take action.

Rider Elements Edit










Riders Edit

Leaf Chief and Orange Tangle (Life/Swing)

Rincess and Skee-Monkey (Water/Swing)

Sour Power and Logodile (Life/Swim)

Parrot Site and Spiller Whale (Water/Swim)

Farm Charm and Pig Pilot (Air/Flight)

Tellyvicious and Rocketstrel (Tech/Flight)

Turricane and Anathunda (Air/Slither)

Bone Blast and Soul Steel (Undead/Slither)

Fryger and Fryon (Fire/Sprint)

Beater Speeder and Cheetah Sprint (Tech/Sprint)

Crobreak and Shino (Earth/Charge)

Heatrock and Volcorock (Fire/Charge)

Imagic and Nabbit (Magic/Hop)

Builder Bear and Jackrammer (Earth/Hop)

D-Tach and Sprayder (Undead/Crawl)

Majocker and Cuckoo Crab (Magic/Crawl)

Carpet Cadet and Carpedo (Physic/Float)

Majesto and Voo-Roo (Physic/Float)

Reposes Edit

Phoenix Fighter Sunburn

Puke Face Eruptor

Tsunami Whale Riptide

Solar Sonar Echo

Machine Master Trigger Happy

Tire Tracks Tread Head

Axe Whack Ghost Roaster

Lol Funny Bone

Fossil Fighter Dino-Rang

Bright Light Flashwing

Speed Flight High Five

Pineapple Power Zook

Rip Twister Warnado

Mothering Master Sonic Boom

Grand Flame Spyro

Mystery Deja Vu

New Cores Edit

Rabbit Roller (Life)

Featherbomber (Air)

Orbit (Magic)

Crumbler (Earth)

Ghoulina (Undead)

Rust Crust (Tech)

Firebrand (Fire)

Spin-Cycle (Water)

Gaze Raise (Physic)

Starter Pack Edit

Console: Leaf Chief and Orange Tangle,Gaze Raise,Puke Face Eruptor,LC Scorp

3DS: D-Tach and Sprayder,Rust Crust

Tablet: Leaf Chief and Orange Tangle,Gaze Raise,Rip Twister Warnado

IPhone:Crumbler,Rust Crust,Spin-Cycle

New to The Game Edit

  • Physic Element
  • Racing
  • IPhone Version
  • Alternate Timelines
  • Zombie Skylanders (in Apocalypse Timeline Only)
  • Flynn's Story

Physic Element Edit

New element here are the characters for this game

  • Gaze Raise
  • Carpet Cadet and Carpedo
  • Majesto and Voo-Roo

Racing Edit

Racing is a new type to the main screen. It features race battles and courses based on levels.

Alternate Timelines Edit

  • Original Timeline
  • Villain Timeline
  • Apocalypse Timeline
  • Skylanders The Beggining
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