10000 Swappabilities!- The games tagline

Skylanders: Reign of the SWAP Force
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Publisher(s) Activision
Release Date(s) November 2016
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Rating(s) PG
Media 10/10 IGN
Predecessor Skylanders: Clash of the Giants
Successor Skylanders: Rise of the Trap Masters

Skylanders: Storm of Villains

Skylanders: Reign of the SWAP Force is the sequel to Clash of the Giants.

Starter Pack

  1. Hyper Magna Charge
  2. Star Master Stink Bomb
  3. Chiller Whale
  4. Bright Knight


All Bottom Half Swappers
Rocket Climb Speed Teleport Bounce Spin Dig Sneak Stomp Clone
Magic Triple Mortar Octo Push Hyper Dash Hoot Loop Wizard Lizard Thor Hammer Grand Slam Trap Shadow
Earth Soda Smash Mountain Hiker Velocity Raptor Prime Beam Boulder Worm Doom Stone Rubble Rouser Dust Devil
Water Oil Rig

Wash Buckler

Freeze Blade Chiller Whale Sea Horse Whirl Pool Trench Rench Sub Marine
Fire Blast Zone Thrill Neck Hot Pursuit Bomber Boom Fire Kraken Burner Turner Lava Punch Smoke Scene
Tech Booster Pack Spy Rise Magna Charge Gadget Golfer Bounce Pad Spin Gear Jack Hammer Volt Storm
Undead Pump Kick Spider Crawler Wheel Haunter Night Shift Rattle Shake Master Mind Grave Digger Host Ghost
Air Boom Jet Ant Mount Fast Motion Thunder Storm Spring Loaded Free Ranger Helium Balloon Puff Gust
Life Shout Sprout Root Runner Flower Power Chompy Bot 5000 Vine Ring Rotate Potato Grilla Drilla Stink Bomb
Light Treasure Chest Light Speed Solar Panel Sun Run Major Miner X Ray
Dark Space Monkey Shade Rush Black Hole Cold Serpent Cave Collapse Dark Lord
All Top Half Swappers
Fight Shield Grab Shoot Clap
Magic Ninja Star Armour Dillo
Earth Earth Quake
Water Water Bomb Brain Freeze Grab Crab Croc Shot
Fire Smoulder Bash
Tech Count Down Level Up
Undead Bite Shooter
Air Air Swing Block Aid
Life Copy Cat Ape Scrape Poison Ivy
Light Ultra Violet Bright Knight
Dark Ring Out Skull Trigger

Returning Characters

  1. Launch Off Blast Zone
  2. Ink Jet Wash Buckler
  3. Hyper Magna Charge
  4. Mega Ring Hoot Loop
  5. Multi Venom Rattle Shake
  6. Summoner Free Ranger
  7. Obsidian Rubble Rouser
  8. Star Master Stink Bomb
  9. Bombs Away Boom Jet
  10. Grapple Pull Spy Rise
  11. Ring Launcher Freeze Blade
  12. Ring Out Night Shift
  13. Fireworks Fire Kraken
  14. Smash Power Doom Stone
  15. Big Rig Grilla Drilla
  16. Hunter Trap Shadow

Ancient Elementals

  1. The Ancient Frosthound (Magic)
  2. The Ancient Terrasquid (Earth)
  3. The Ancient Flashfin (Water)
  4. The Ancient Fire Knight (Fire)
  5. The Ancient Leadbot (Tech)
  6. The Ancient Skull Ghost (Undead)
  7. The Ancient Wind Genie (Air)
  8. The Ancient Tree Spirit (Life)
  9. The Ancient Light Phantom (Light)
  10. The Ancient Shadow Mage (Dark)


  • Grave Digger has the same name as the Aqua Squad Skylander called Grave Digger, despite having the same names, the two are not be confused with each other.
  • When mixing Boom Jet and Bomber Boom, you get Boom Boom, which is an acheaivement in the game.
  • Count Down has the same name as Countdown. The two are closely related.
  • In one of the Sheild Zones on the 3DS as SWAP Zones in the 3DS Version are like Elemental Zones, Wildfire (because of his big Traptanium Sheild) is the NPC who helps you.
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