Skylanders: Puzzle is a Skylanders Puzzle game that contains many different puzzles.


  1. Magic (Marble Lines)- Marbles roll down a set path and you have stop them from reaching their destination by lauching marbles into the line.
  2. Earth (Minesweeper)- Click and blocks of earth and they either clear a certain amount or reveals a mine, you lose if you reveal a mine.
  3. Water (Puzzle Slider)- Slide gems across a line to match gems of the same colour in groups of three.
  4. Fire (Sudoku)- A Number game wear you have to put numbers on a 9 by 9 block and each row has to not contain a repeated number.
  5. Tech (Gear Turner)- A Complex maze of gears were you turn and match gears to allow a power source to flow through.
  6. Undead
  7. Air (Bubble Launcher)- Launch bubbles onto a board and match groups of three and stop them from reaching you.
  8. Life (Hexagonal Swap 3)- Swap 3, only this time it is hexagonal.
  9. Light (Beam Guider)- Guide light beams using turning crystals to allow the beam to pass through.
  10. Dark (TBA)
  11. Giants (Brick Breaker)- Break bricks in groups of three and clear as much as you can.
  12. Swap Force (Swap 3)- Swap blocks to match 3 in a row.
  13. Trap Team (Tetris)- Stack blocks and prevent them from reching the top by matching them.
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