Legendary Freeze Blade

Legendary Freeze Blade. Thanks to AceArchdragon from darkSpyro.

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I am not done!!!


I was reading through some ideas, then I realized I should make my own page where every skylander returned, making a "party".


Sorry for skipping the entire idea, but I'm stumped. I only made this page to list the skylanders. Ideas are appreciated. Thank You!

New Swap Force Skylanders

Sorry for extra space.

New Skylanders:                                             Lightcore:        

Fire: Beam Steam   Heat Stroke                     Blast Zone          

Water: Garnet Jet   Cookies & Extreme          Freeze Blade            

Life: Vine Whip                                                Zoo Lou                    

Earth: Quake Shake                                       Doom Stone

Air: Lightning-Struck                                       Lightning Rod

Undead: Skullchain                                         Fright Rider

Magic: Illusion                                                 Trap Shadow

Tech: Biohazard                                              Wind-Up


  • Returning skylanders will also have a color-shift variant based on a step up in the color wheel.(Red --> Orange, Blue --> Purple, Black or White --> Gray, etc.)
  • Clearcore skylanders are Clear skylanders that gain their color when placed on the portal.

Dark Lightcore Freeze Blade(Dark Color Scheme: Black and Silver)

Dark Quake Shake

Dark Camo

Dark Whirlwind

Dark Smolderdash

  1. Nitro Biohazard(Nitro Color Scheme: Gold and White checkered)
  1. Nitro
  1. Nitro
  • Legendary Beam Steam(Legendary Color Scheme: Black and Gold)
  • Legendary Garnet Jet
  • Legendary Heat Stroke

Legendary Freeze Blade

$Enchanted Illusion(Enchanted Color Scheme: Black and White)



&Sapphire Prism Break(Gem Color Schemes: Sapphire- Translucent Blue, Emerald- Translucent Green, Ruby- Translucent Red)

&Ruby Quake Shake


Halloween Slam-Bam(Halloween)

Jolly Hot Dog(Christmas)

Jade Scratch(Saint Patrick's Day)

Springtime Chop Chop(Easter)

Patriot Smolderdash(Fourth of July)

Clearcore Fryno(Employee Only)

Red Zap(Employee Only)

Green Magna Charge(3DS only)

  • Legendary Triple Pack, ToysRUs Exclusive

$Enchanted Triple Pack, Walmart Exclusive

  1. Nitro Triple Pack, Target Exclusive

&Gem Triple Pack, Gamestop Exclusive

Returning Skylanders:

Wow Pows


Knight Ignitor

Phoenix Sunburn

Tri-Point Flameslinger

Smoking Eruptor

Ashen Hot-Head

Loyal Hot Dog

Blacksmith Blast Zone

Firecracker Fire Kraken

Temple Protector Smolderdash

Amazon Fryno


Yeti Slam-Bam

Negative-Charged Zap

Iron-Mace Wham-Shell

Quad-Hooked Gill Grunt

Fisherman Thumpback

Icicle Chill

Whirlpool Wash Buckler

Ice Shard Freeze Blade

Crossbow Punk Shock

Orca Heaver Riptide


Tropical Camo

Steel Branch Stump Smash

Boom Bazooka Zook   Sneak Attack Stealth Elf Arm Crusher Tree Rex Poison Mu-Shroomboom

Power Gas Stink Bomb

Wild Ape Grilla Drilla

Rodeo Boar

Zoo Lou

Extra Sticky Bumble Blast


Rainbow Dash Whirlwind Tornado Blast Warnado Banshee Sonic Boom Thunderbolt Lightning Rod Super Sting Swarm Wind Wave Jet Vac Stratos-Fear Free Ranger       Rocket Blast Boom Jet Golden Spike Pop Thorn Razor Sharp Scratch
Earth Iron Tail Bash Boom Orbit Dino Rang Gold Shard Prism Break Shark Bite Terrafin Hardcore Crusher Laser Crystal Flashwing Hard Stone Doom Stone Drill Hammer Rubble Rouser Iron Jaw Slobber Tooth Poison Sting Scorp
Undead Dark Angel Hex Shadow Cynder Dark Knight Chop Chop Ghost Creep Ghost Roaster Eye Candy Eye Brawl Twin Spear Fright Rider Earthquake Rattle Shake Vampire Superstar Night Shift Razor Claw Roller Brawl Night Crawler Grim Creeper
Magic Dragon Star Spyro Magic Staff Double Trouble Tounge Whip Wrecking Ball Shock Proof Voodood Genie Ninjini Alchemist Pop Fizz Ring Loop Hoot Loop Double-Snap Trap Shadow Nightdancer Star Strike Orb Magic Dune Bug
Tech Dynamite Boomer Train Wreck Drill Sergeant Laser Wing Drobot  Goldslinger Trigger Happy Rocket Wheel Bouncer Wrench Whacker Sprocket Speed Demon Magna Charge Beam System Spy Rise Shockwave Countdown Toy Spin Wind Up

Starter Pack Skylanders:

Lightcore Freeze Blade

Quake Shake

Tropical Camo(Series 4)

Dark Starter Pack:

Dark Lightcore Freeze Blade

Dark Quake Shake

Dark Camo

Dark Whirlwind

Dark Smolderdash

Becaude of the 2 additional figures, this pack will be sold for about $100.

Ring of Light Starter Pack:

Lightcore Blast Zone

Lightcore Doom Stone

Lightcore Freeze Blade

Lightcore Zoo Lou

Lightcore Lightning Rod

Lightcore Fright Rider

Lightcore Trap Shadow

Lightcore Wind-Up

Because of the 5 additional figures, this pack will be sold for about $135.

3DS Starter Pack:

Beam Steam

Green Magna Charge

Dark Knight Chop Chop

Other Packs:

Hailcloud Battle Pack:

Negative-Charged Zap(Series 3)

Gold-Spike Pop Thorn(Series 2)


Spike Turret Battle Pack:

Icicle Chill(Series 3)

Boom-Orbit Dino-Rang(Series 2)

Spike Turret(Item)

Undersea Palace Adventure Pack:

Garnet Jet

Undersea Palace(Level)

Crystal Shield(Item)


Bomb Factory Adventure Pack:


Bomb Factory(Level)


Bomb Army(Item)

Also, There will be new swap attack packs!

Others to come!


My best thanks to the wikia contributor, who gave me my ideas for almost everything on this page.

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