Note: Skylanders: Night Of The Mutants is the reboot version of the game, Skylanders: Mutation. This time, it will include a different story and more. Basically, this is an upgrade of Skylanders: Mutation. Also, I cannot have an account as I'm not in the required age so if you would post the logo and pictures of the skylanders, I would be very thankful. Edit

Skylanders: Night Of The Mutants Edit

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Skylanders: Night Of The Mutants is the 5th installment of the Skylanders series going to be released around November 5, 2014. It has similar gameplay to the past Skylanders games. It revolves on the Skylanders, whom were able to gain the ability to mutate. It will be released on the following consoles:

  • Wii U
  • Playstation 4
  • Xbox ONE
  • 3DS
  • Playstation Vita
  • PC
  • Mac OSX

Story Edit

The evil Portal Master, Kaos sat on his throne thinking of another plan to defeat the Skylanders. While he was thinking, a paper aeroplane flew into his room and hit Kaos on the eye. " Yowch! " Kaos screamed in agony. He then took the paper aeroplane and folded it open while closing his hurt eye. He read the note that was on the paper. It said:

Hi brother! It's me your sister, Ashely! I know your wondering why am I helping you when I hate you. Well, it's just that I have figured out a plan you can use to take out the Skylanders and rule Skylands but, I get to be Queen while you are second in-charge. I have discorvered a secret island known as Night Of The Mutated Island. I have studied it and I also discorvered that if someone is mutated, he or she will lose control. I was thinking of doing that to the Skylanders. So what do you think of my plan?

Kaos became silent for a little while. He then rushed to his sister and started working on the plan. He promised that Ashely could get to be Queen. After that, they sent an assassin to infect some of the Skylanders with Mutation. However, it only worked on some and during the night, they all went wild. The other Skylanders who were not infected battled against the Mutated Skylanders. After defeating them, they went back to their normal states. Master Eon heard about the news and got worried. He knew that Kaos had used the Mutation infection on the right month. The month was the month of the Full Moon! The Full Moon causes those infected with Mutation, to be mutated and go wild. He sent the Skylanders away along with some new ones to the Night Of The Mutated Island to stop Kaos. Now, the Skylanders will have to control themselves in order to stop Kaos and Ashely!

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